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Melissa Brewster-Jones (Surtees)

Writer, Communicator, Content Manager

Location icon Australia

With an educational background in Creative Writing and English Literature, plus a long career within the Marketing, Communications and Event worlds, my passion for words has led me here, ideally marketing your business.

Let me be your creative voice. I will craft the web copy, execute those monthly email campaigns, write the media release, arrange the advertising copy, design posters, flyers, video and all in-house marketing communication. Write that dust collecting blog, and communicate your social media message.

Ghostwriting is a fantastic way to say what you want without agonising over the sentence structure, the wordplay or the grammar – it’s your style written by another hand. Articles, Bios and Blogs; your ideas at the heart of every word.

Feel free to snoop about my LINKEDIN profile - that's what it's for, even better touch base or connect. Link icon below.

Get in touch today to discuss your project and begin aligning your business ideas and thoughts with smashing content. - contact me on [email protected]

Epicure Wine
Website / Blogs

Solely responsible for all website content and management, including blogs. Orchestrated and developed the site from scratch.

Wine Industry
Print Advertising

Samples of Flyers, Posters, POS Material, Invitations - Print Copy

Wine Industry
Instagram Designs

An Instagram Snapshot of designs, for further samples of posts check out and


Winemaking Video in McLaren Vale. Beauty in the shadows #iposwine

Business Page

Facebook Page Example - responsible for all content, including video creation, ongoing posts and administration of the site. I also manage;

Epicure Wine

Wine Article on revered Italian brand Schiopetto

Ebook, Business Start-up Manual
About Page, Ebook

Health and Wellness Industry, About Page

Melissa Brewster-Jones
Copywriting Website

Words in context, words with style, words that convey your message, great copywriting will give your business the edge. Let's engage and influence the reader with fresh content, compelling them to want more. Does your website copy need a helping hand? Is that pesky about page on its tenth rewrite?

Online content Writing

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