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Formerly: WeAreCollison, Insider
Betty Suarez is the reason why I decided to become a journalist.

Yes, she’s a fictional character - but she represented everything I was at the time. A little shy and unsure, but headstrong with a voice that has always been best used through writing.

I wrote horror fiction and R’n’B song lyrics in primary school, much to my teachers' chagrin, but something about writing soothed me and allowed me to speak when my mouth wouldn’t. Little did I know I could write for a living!

I love everything to do with culture, lifestyle, and fashion. I am obsessed with how we live outside of the professional world and what makes us tick. You’ll find my nose in a magazine, especially if Mariah Carey is on the front cover. Still, I’m always interested in the latest fashion trends, which Youtuber is in another drama, and how to decorate your home.

Outside of the profesh world, I bedazzle using Swarovski crystals, recently started collecting vinyl, and started drag during lockdown number one. All hobbies that require a money I love it all the same!

15 of the most iconic fashion runway shows of all time

Thierry Mugler gave us Haute Couture to the extreme for his 1995 Fall show. It was an hour-long extravaganza filled to the brim with celebrities, and the first time we saw "robot fashion" hit the runway.

Decode Magazine (2018)

Originally written for and published by Decode Magazine (2018) as part of the Print pathway project. MA International Journalism at City, University of London. Revisions and additions made May 2021.
Get to know: Punk Adams

"This song is an anthem for anyone who's ever tried to break your spirit...this is our fight back song!" It's a big world out there filled to the brim of beautiful and different people. US-based singer and rapper Punk Adams is one of them.

I'm dubbing 2020 the year of Ethereal Pop and Alt R'n'B and honestly, I am here for it. With the likes of FKA Twigs, Kelela, Grimes and Lorde - I have no qualms with adding a new name to that list....
Intersectionality: Black folk and the trans community

As proud as I am to be black during times in which the global black community stands together in the wicked face of struggle, it's disappointing when black people refuse to acknowledge the evil that goes on in our own communities - especially when it affects those of LGBTQI experience.
Who is SOPHIE?

Known as the producer behind famous names such as Charli XCX and Madonna, musician SOPHIE has used 2018 as the year to reinvent herself. Melchi Anyinsah-Bondzie discusses how SOPHIE is now a musical force to be reckoned with, and her growing importance within marginalised cultures SOPHIE Xeon, or simply SOPHIE, is the musical medicine you need in your life.

Meet the Cast - 21st Century Dating

What is dating? "Never been through that, never experienced that, don't know what that is. Just know, millions have." Honestly, I wouldn't lie to you - truly.
Game of homes: Kasita and the housing crisis

I remember being around ten years old with a solid idea of what my life would be like in my mid to late twenties. I imagined a four bedroom house, a wife, children and a good job where I'd make ple...
Prince: A love letter

When people think of Prince, many words might spring to mind; ambiguous, talented, maestro, entity. However for me, there is no way to label him - he just is. There are probably going to be a whole hoard of tributes that are going to give facts, album sales and all the accolades he received over his reign in music, but I connected with Prince on a personal level.
Northern Soul - Who says white boys can't dance?

I have two really good friends; one called Troy and the other called Dylan, Troy could dance amazingly well - it was literally like a dancehall king possessed every inch of his body; waist gyrating like a masculine hula dancer and footwork so fancy, even James Brown would be kissing his teeth in jealousy.

Five Simple Ways To Feel Alive Again

Oh hai 2016! What's going on? It's me, Melchi - you might not know me but you will this year. This is the perfect mind-set to get you into 2016. It's a new year! Get out of bed, get into something ...

Why I'm A Stan For Stromae

If you know anything about me, you'd know that I only 'stan' for three people; that's Jesus, Prince and the guy I'm about to sing praises for - Stromae. After pulling in fresh from a trip in Paris I received the good news that I was going to see the musical genius live at The Apollo and what a night it was.
A meeting place of dreamers - f$&* yeah its comic con!

One random May saw the coming of something great, a pilgrimage of many people from different walks of life - from Furries & Gamers to the Cosplayers & collectors there was not one geeky subculture left behind at the 'Mecca' that is the London MCM Expo.

Published work

Transform - A Story of Truth

WeAreCollision Summer 2014. Two brave transwomen share their stories. Imagine not from issue.


Interview with Drag Race All-Stars winner, Alaska Thunderf*ck. Circa 2014. Never published. Issue 6 - WAC

MA International Journalism

Decode Magazine

A layout I designed for my MA International Journalism Production module

Decode Magazine

A layout I designed for my MA International Journalism Production module