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I've had 70+ articles published on, a relationship piece in the April/May 2015 issue of Girls' Life Magazine and yes---I've done some writing on Capitol Hill as well. Some say a strange mix--I say "well-rounded".

Teen Beach 2 stars inspire us to be kind all the time

Check these out, too... Listen up, ladies. We are beyond thrilled to announce that Disney Channel is launching a new, very special anti-bullying campaign called "Choose Kindness" just in time for October's anti-bullying month. "Choose Kindness" is a month-long, multi-platform initiative to inspire kids and teens to be courteous and respectful to others and kick bullying to the curb.

5 yummy (and healthy) snacks to pack on your next road trip

Check these out, too... With the holidays right around the corner we're anticipating long car rides with the fam and lot's of snack stops. But don't let those quick and cheap meals get ya, girlies! Keep it healthy and instead of eating a fast food meal that will leave you hungry in an hour, bring a few healthier options along for the ride.

5 reasons to start meditating this second

Check these out, too... We know: your schedule is totally overloaded, which means you're not exactly itching tack onto your to-do list. But a little meditation (aka, sitting quietly and breathing deeply), will secretly zap your stress and add tons of other unexpected benefits to your life.

Red-hot read alert: A fiery new trilogy kicks off with Talon

GL PROFILES More Friends = More Fun Take the ride of your life with , the first book in Julie Kagawa's new Talon Saga -a mythical story of adventure, friendship and dragons. You'll want to soar through this red-hot read, promise-just read on for all the fiery details. Siblings with a secret...

The do's and don'ts of dealing with a breakup

Check these out, too... The dreaded breakup-everyone goes through them at one point or another and the way you handle it says a lot about you. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and say things you shouldn't or do things you later regret, but don't let this be you.

Presentation probs: BUSTED!

Check these out, too... Your face is getting hot as your hands begin to shake. Suddenly it's like your body is falling apart-your heart beats viciously inside your chest, your palms begin to sweat, and oh're about to give that dreaded presentation. But don't let those pesky nerves get you down, girl.

Feel Good Friday: This chick is a hit on the football field!

Check these out, too... Step aside Bella and the Bulldogs, there's a new football female in town. Can you imagine being the only girl on a football team and having to compete against all boys-as a linebacker? That's exactly what this Colorado teen has been doing for the past 11 years.

Six relationship mistakes girls make

Check these out, too... You finally landed a BF-yay! Relationships are obviously ah-mazing, but they also take a lot of work. It's not hard to get caught up in the excitement and drama of a new dude, but make sure you're staying grounded or ya might be single before you know it.

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