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Fee Waivers and Why They're Awesome

Your college experience is invaluable, but we all understand that it is EXPENSIVE. Between tuition payments, room and board, all of the club dues you'll have to pay and late night pizza, it's smart to save even before you arrive on campus. There are literally oodles of fee waivers available for your use.

How Many of You Have Felt Personally Victimized by The SAT/College Board?

Disclaimer: Sarcasm, highly-opinionated sentiments, and a touch of spunk color this article (not to mention a title taken straight from Mean Girls). You have been warned... You know those epochal events in life that shape the malleable material that is the human spirit?

"So, Like, What Do You Mean By Hook Up?": All About Hookup Culture in College

People have been way too touchy about this subject, so I'll spare you the lengthy intro and jump right to it: Hookup culture in college is real, it is complicated, but it is not nearly as scandalous as you think it is. My lovely co-staff writer Jillian Feinstein recently wrote this insightful and informative piece about alcohol education.

Go Pro: 6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Bike for College

A lot of campuses have policies that restrict freshmen from bringing a car. So what's a new kid to do? Bring a bike! Riding a bike seems to only be acceptable for three reasons: You are 10 years old and can't drive and you need some way to transport yourself to the grocery store to buy a delicious Kit-Kat.

TP's College Survival Kit: 10 Things You Will Actually Need

Many of you are preparing to leave for college, and I'm sure you're experiencing a full spectrum of emotions. My little brother and cousin are in the pre-departure stage as well, but packing has been somewhat of a challenge. So they asked me for some advice on what they would really need.

Unwrapped: TP Explains The First-Year Application

The multifaceted aspects of a First-Year Application can seem like a tangled web of what-the-fluffery. TP college writer Lucas Lam wrote this comprehensive piece about the Common App (which is only available digitally this year), but there a few more items that complete an application. Does anyone even know what a Secondary School Report is?

In College and Married

Oh dear, I really hope I didn't just give MTV a new idea for their next reality TV show. When I was an incoming freshman, a lot of my relatives (aka my mother) were convinced that I would find my husband in college. Aside from that being a totally antediluvian notion*, that's not really how things work.

A Pep Talk: Why Your AP Literature Teacher Isn't Evil

I know that with AP Lit., Honors British Literature, and the various advanced English courses you are enrolled in, you read a lot of books. Hamlet, East of Eden, 1984, high school courses expose you to really great literature. But the fact that you are required to read them for class typically makes this experience miserable.

How to Deal with Your Helicopter Parent

Parents are wonderful. They care about you, want the best for you, and will do anything to help you succeed in life. For some parents, it's difficult to stay "hands off" with their children's affairs, especially when it comes to the college admission process.

Enhancing Teen Communication
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GU freshmen start life on campus - The Spokesman-Review

Mini fridges, microwave ovens and printers collected in the grass outside of St. Catherine-St. Monica Hall on Friday ready to be hauled into dorms by incoming Gonzaga freshmen and their parents. For the estimated 1,055 freshmen moving into dorms Friday morning, the buzz of a new adventure permeated the campus.

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