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I am currently a full-time educator enjoying my 14th year in the classroom. I have experience teaching every grade from kindergarten to high school seniors. My experiences as a teacher fuel my passion for writing about education. Teachers need more voices in their corner (especially voices who actually know what being a teacher is truly all about), and I try to be a strong, honest, supportive voice for educators.

My husband, two kids, and two dogs have all grown accustomed to listening to me talk about issues facing teachers frequently and even join in the conversation from time to time (the dogs, in particular, have very strong opinions about charter schools).

How to Respond to an Angry Message From a Parent - WeAreTeachers

Every teacher has been there. You check your email/voicemail once more before heading out of the classroom for the day when you get that message. You know, it's the angry (and often rude) message from a parent accusing you of treating their child unfairly, not explaining a project clearly, taking another student's side in a disagreement, or any number of a million other situations.

An Open Letter to Regular Education Teachers

Dear Regular Education teachers, To begin, let me say thank you. Thank you to all of you who work every day to make sure that students who are identified as having learning and/or emotional disabilities are welcomed and included in your classrooms. Thank you to all of you who co-teach with a Special teacher and make them feel welcome and included in the teaching process.

Is That My Voice? Teachers on TV and in the Movies

Just kidding, Jennifer Lawrence always looks fabulous. I look nothing like this when I hear my own voice Am I alone in feeling this way? When someone's voicemail asks me if I would like to have the message played back I cringe, knowing I've added several more minutes of re-recording what should have been a perfectly simple message because I hate the way my voice sounds when I say my own name.

5 Reasons to Secretly Loathe Inspirational Teacher Films

Several of my classes are currently watching the film Freedom Writers as part of an end of the year writing assignment. The film stars Hillary Swank as Erin Gruwell, a young teacher who challenges a group of inner-city students to document their struggles in journals.

Professional Development: How "Teacherpreneurs" Can Save Education

This July, I was fortunate enough to attend the Teachers Pay Teachers third annual conference. If you're not familiar with the company, Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is the first and largest online "Community of millions of educators who come together to share their work, their insights, and their inspiration with one another."

Why This Teacher is Against Canceling Mother's Day - WeAreTeachers

Have you seen this yet? You probably have, but if not I'll fill you in. An elementary school in British Columbia has become the center of the latest online kerfuffle for sending home a letter stating that they would no longer be creating Mother's Day or Father's Day crafts.

Strategies for Dealing with Sleepy Students

Whether it is the third-grader with heavy eyelids whose head bobs sleepily any time you stop speaking, or the sneaky seventh-grader who thinks he's fooling you by resting his head in his hand the minute you turn out the lights to show that video clip, we all have been faced with the dilemma of tired students.

Things Only Teachers Understand...

The student who owes you some project, test, or other work finally comes to tell you they don't understand it. They ask you to help them with it...during your planning period. Because you are a good teacher (who dreams of being Mr. Keating, of course) you agree to give up your planning period to meet with the student.

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