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Meghan Pisters

New Media and Communication Technology

Location icon United States

The first time I picked up my dad’s camera was at the age of 8. Quickly captivated by the shutter sound and the ability to freeze frame a memory in time, I couldn’t put it down. I spent my free time as a kid crawling to the top shelf of my parents’ closet, dusting off an old shoe box, and holding up their 1-inch film photos to the light admiring their memories.

Over time, I perfected my zest for capturing people in their happy places by gaining experience with senior portrait photography. Energized by my ability to positively impact others though my creative passions, I chased after the feeling of my clients’ smiles upon viewing my photos rather than a capturing the perfect shot.

My longing for creative expression in my studies led to pursue a major in New Media and Communication Technology coupled with a minor in Media Production and Analysis here at The Ohio State University. My passion for creative marketing, graphic design, photography, and videography drive my career goals.

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