Meghan Gallagher

Digital Content Writer & Strategist

Location icon United States



Seattle Urban Academy
Seattle Urban Academy Website

One of the primary copywriters for the re-launch of the SUA website (March 2019).

World Concern
Clean Water Homepage

Around the globe, 1 in 9 people do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. Children are sick. Mothers walk for miles only to find dirty water. With no clean water, families are without the means to survive.

World Concern
Answering the Cries of Rohingya Refugees | World Concern

Rohingya refugees face nightmarish conditions in Bangladesh, but the true crisis lies much deeper. Learn more about this crisis and read the stories of two Rohingya girls who fled horrific violence and persecution.


Humanitarian Aid & Relief
How to Talk to Your Kids about Human Trafficking

As a parent, it's natural to want to protect your kids from things that could harm or upset them. But at the same time, you want to answer their tough questions honestly and help them grow into compassionate young people.

Humanitarian Aid & Relief
World Concern 2018: A Year in Review

Join us in looking back on 2018 and see how you've helped the most vulnerable, beyond the very end of the road.

Humanitarian Aid & Relief
3 Steps to Clean Water

You may have seen an image of or even given a water filter, but do you know how they work? In the middle of a clean water crisis, simple water filters are life-saving.

UPMC HealthBeat
How to Make the Most of Open Enrollment

Choosing the right health insurance plan for yourself and your family is an important decision, as is choosing the right Medicare option as you approach 65 and in the years following.

Humanitarian Aid & Relief
The Dangers of Human Trafficking

All over Southeast Asia, women leave home in hopes of finding work to support their families. Instead, they find themselves trapped in forced labor, sexual slavery, or another form of human trafficking.



World Concern
Rohingya Refugee Crisis Appeal

A fundraising appeal for the Rohingya Refugee Crisis, part of a multi-channel campaign that raised 217k, well over the stated goal of 100k.

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