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I am a creative individual who keeps journals, napkins and random Iphone notes whenever a creative idea sparks in my brain. I live my life looking at things through all lenses. I have an extensive fashion background working as a copywriter & content creator. While also having a background in the wellness industry and a passion for all things health. I enjoy writing educational pieces that can humor the reader. I love to write captivating copy whether it be through email, social media or a blog. Not only that I can write excellent product descriptions!

Eager to learn, unconditional positive attitude & a love for helping others through my writing.

How Creating A Morning Routine Has Changed My Whole Day

Mornings... I used to be convinced that there was nothing worse than a morning. I dreaded waking up - especially if it was before 8am. I thought maybe it was just a thing that happened in childhood, but as I grew up I still dreaded mornings.

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Why Loneliness Is The Deepest Feeling Of All

They weren't lying when they said that one is the loneliest of them all. Why? Because there is no deeper pain than loneliness. When you look at all of the root causes of emotional pain, you will find loneliness at its core. Us humans are searching for love, we want to feel wanted.

A Full Day Of Eating As A #VeggieMeg

I am the type of person that is either always thinking about her next meal, cooking or eating it. I love to eat, I love food and this will never change.

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4 Things My Grandmother's Battle With Alzheimer's Taught Me

Alzheimer's disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. So when we got the diagnosis that my grandma's weird behavior was in fact her Alzheimer's disease at work, I began to be very fearful that we would not have much time left together.

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4 Things My Parents' Divorce Taught Me About Love And Life

I grew up in what some would call a "broken home." My parents separated when I was six years old, so for me, I have no memory of what life was like with having both parents in my home. My parents had split custody of my siblings and me so I would say I saw them pretty equally.

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Quick and Healthy Smoothies For The Soul

By Meghan Eblacker - RBX Active Assistant Buyer & Smoothie Enthusiast It can be a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are a person who is constantly on the move. Nutrition can sometimes suffer if you aren't able to adequately make time for a healthy meal or snack.

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It's National Cocktail Day!

By Meghan Eblacker - RBX Active Assistant Buyer & Tequila Enthusiast Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a healthy cocktail, but why not pretend right? Most cocktails are made with high calorie additives, making it easy to get off track with your diet. They can also be high in unnatural sugar, making your skin scream!