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Inside Megan Courtney's Journey Back To The Top

Megan Courtney tore her ACL more than a year ago, and she's not yet back to 100 percent. Contrary to how it might sound, that's actually a good thing. "At six months, I was like, OK, I feel really good, I'm at like 80, 85," Courtney said.

Kelsey Robinson's Emergence At Libero Has Been Major Boon For Team USA

In her career, U.S. Women's National Teamer Kelsey Robinson has played every position, except middle. Just don't ask her to set. "It's a running joke on the team that I have very small hands," Robinson said. "So it wasn't really meant to be for me to be a setter."

Austin Monthly
Lettuce Networks Turns Yards into Farms

Many Austinites aspire to have a lush lawn, fertilized and watered twice a week. But what if instead of growing grass, more people farmed their yards? Entrepreneur Yogesh Sharma considered that question during a run around his neighborhood in the fall of 2015, shortly after he and his family moved to Austin from Silicon Valley.
The Miracle Season Movie Tells a Great Volleyball and Human Story

Every day after practice, Iowa City West's girls volleyball coach Kathy Bresnahan went home and took notes about which drills worked and which fell flat. Particularly effective ones were highlighted by a giant star in the margin. By the end of a season, Bresnahan could fill entire notebooks with her musings.

Volleyball Magazine
NCAA Grad Transfers Make Most of New Beach beginnings

NCAA beach volleyball's relationship with the indoor game makes the sport unique in the world of college athletics. In the beginning, indoor coaches led almost every college beach team, and dual-sport athletes filled the rosters of newly created beach programs, spending their spring in the sand while competing indoors in the fall.

Salima Rockwell Isn't Finished With Volleyball Yet

A week after Penn State women's volleyball ended its 2017 season with a loss to Nebraska in the national semifinals, the university announced that a member of the coaching staff was retiring from the college game.

Dave Shondell Is Done Playing It Safe

Dave Shondell would not describe himself as a risk-taker. The 15-year head coach of the Purdue women's volleyball program typically errs on the conservative side.

The Writer
Giving Sorrow Words

Memoir writer and naturalist Helen Macdonald channeled the grief over her father's death into the training of a goshawk. Then she wrote a best-selling memoir.

The Writer
Staying Alive

Publishing is dying, it's doomed. We've heard this proclamation from so many detractors in the past decade, but the reality is not so one-dimensional.

The Writer
As long as it takes: Sam Quinones on long-form journalism:

Good writers are creative, intelligent and imaginative. For long-form nonfiction writers such as Sam Quinones, other qualities - patience, persistence and stick-to-itiveness - are equally critical. Quinones grew up wanting to be a detective and reading crime novels. As a young journalist, he worked as a crime reporter in Stockton, California, during some of the city's highest crime years.

The Writer
Business class with Lissa Warren - The Writer

It's pouring rain on a November evening in New England, and inside Emerson College's Walker Building on the south side of Boston Common, Lissa Warren urges her graduate students to think like publishers. Each student has a handout that reads "A Day in the Life of a Publisher" with a list of problems publishers confront daily.

The Writer
Score! - The Writer

Early last year, an Associated Press poll reported that 49 percent of Americans identified as National Football League fans. In 2013, more than 74 million people attended a Major League Baseball game.

Inside Arts
Larry Kosson: Agent and Bicyclist

Larry Kosson grew up in northern New Jersey playing the guitar. After high school, he went to the Rochester Institute of Technology to study photography and worked as a professional photographer for half his adult life before a career shift brought him back to the performing arts. He now owns The Roots Agency, overseeing the touring careers of around 25 groups and individual artists, including his wife and Roots co‑owner Robin Spielberg. Through all the twists and turns, various careers and...

Volleyball Magazine
The Face of the Sport

Beach volleyball fans remember Sinjin Smith as the tenacious defender who collected victories by the handful in the 1980s and ’90s, but they may not realize the ways this savvy businessman has contributed to the game of beach volleyball, both before and after his retirement from competition.

Volleyball Magazine
Where are the Women?

Would it surprise you to learn that men coach 57 percent of women’s collegiate sports teams? Probably not. If you follow women’s sports, you’re used to seeing a male head coach or even an all-male coaching staff on the sidelines of women’s matches, from rec soccer to the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship.

Volleyball Magazine
SOB Volleyball Vacations Celebrates 20 Years

Imagine spending a week at an all-inclusive tropical Mexican resort, playing in an expertly organized volleyball tournament, with a group of pros available to answer your nerdy volleyball questions and teach you the finer points of the game. Do I even need to continue?

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