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Elite Daily
How Different Men Awaken A Different Woman Inside Of You

As independent, single women, we get to test the waters in what seems like the never-ending dating pool. Fortunately, guys come in all shapes and sizes, occupations and personalities. We enjoy the spice of life, I should say. The more time we spend a...

Elite Daily
4 Ways You Open Your Eyes When You Cut The Toxic Relationship Cord

Congratulations. You finally did it. You deserve a f*cking medal. It wasn't easy. In fact, it might have been one of the hardest things you've ever done. Having the courage to let go of "that" toxic person is not easy. A relationship that, in your mi...
2015 Triathlete Swimsuit Feature: Bermudian Bliss -

By Published 2 days ago Our triathlete models explore the island's pink beaches and turquoise coves in the latest active swim styles. Plus: How to find the right suit for you. Photographs by Jeff Clark hair and makeup by Marlena Robbins.

Hello Healthy
So You Want to Start... Swimming

Swimming is an incredible sport, and a great fitness activity, and for those of us who have done it long enough, the water can feel like a second home.
How to Choose Racing Swim Goggles

Buying Guide: Racing goggles are goggles used primarily in competition, whether that means at swim meets or open water events. Racing goggles should do two things: The first is to provide clear vision as you swim, and the second is to create as little drag as possible.

Hello Healthy
The Best Low-Impact Workout to Protect Your Joints

If you're brand new to working out, and are looking for a no-impact way to work your entire body, or if you've tried other activities and have experienced joint, knee or back pain while doing them, give water aerobics a try. More and more people are taking their workouts to the water.
Arena Carbon Technology Guide - Carbon Pro, Flex, & Air

For over a decade, arena has been developing and applying new technical features to its range of racing swimwear, with the aim of constantly offering swimmers a cutting edge in their performance. Carbon fibre is made up of very thin strands of carbon - even thinner than human hair - which can be twisted together like yarn, and then woven into cloth.