Meena Toor

Multimedia editor and data journalist

United Kingdom


Ealing Today Newspaper

Health Campaigner Has Own Medical Emergency

Needs Ealing Hospital three times in three weeks

Ealing Today Newspaper

A Colourful Community Celebration

Meena Toor enjoys the Vaisakhi Mela

Ealing Today Newspaper

'It's About Saving Lives' - Save Our Hospitals

Residents, politicians and health workers turned out in Southall, Acton and Ealing on Saturday (27th April).

Ealing Today Newspaper

Save Ealing Hospital, or Wait for an Ambulance?

999 call reminds Meena Toor of Ealing’s A&E fight

Creative Choices

Creative Choices

Teaching theatre and music

How do you teach vocational theatre and dance? Creative Director at Arts1 School of Performance, James Grimsey, shares his views on good teaching and what qualities make a good...


Leading a pop music choir

Meena Toor 2 August 2013 Choir leader, Lottie Greenhow, shares how modern Rock Choir has changed the traditional idea of a choir. She shares 5 ways to enhance your own singing...

Creative Choices

How to build skills for acting

How do you use the Meisner Technique in acting? Head Tutor at The Actors' Temple, Tom Radcliffe, introduces the key teachings to help actors enhance their creativity.

Creative Choices

What do artists value?

What do artists value and what are the important measures of value? Artists at Artquest's 'For the Love of It' conference discussed the key concepts

Creative Choices

Being an independent curator

Independent curator Cecilia Wee challenges the term 'curator', giving insight into this changing position along with 5 tips for independent curating.

Creative Choices

Engaging people in heritage

How should you engage with students, teachers, the public and other heritage organisations? Open Culture 2013's speakers shared nine ways to achieve greater engagement.

Creative Choices

Working in voiceover

Guy Harris is a UK-based voiceover artist who has been a voice for Apple adverts and Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. He shares his insights into the voiceover industry and...

Creative Choices

How to win Museum of the Year

Curator Anna Mason and activity and events officer, Rebecca Jacobs, reveal how the William Morris Gallery applied for, and won, the £100,000 Art Fund prize for Museum of the Year.

Creative Choices

Being a visual artist

Kristian Evju has successfully built a career as an artist. He is best known for his collectible pencil drawings. He shares his experience and offers 5 tips to fellow artists on...

Creative Choices

Effective networking

What do you do at a networking event? How do you prepare for conversations? Anna B. Sexton looks at four common networking styles and shows you how to be effective in networking...

Creative Choices

10 myths about illustration

Emma is a freelance heritage illustrator, who works on trails, guidebooks and maps for stately homes and castles. She uses her own experiences to discuss ten myths about...

Creative Choices

Presenting with confidence

Do you need help with public speaking? Vocal coach, Maeve Diamond, shares five top tools and exercises to make your presenting style better and raise your confidence.

Creative Choices

Running heritage tours by bike

John Warland started Mind The Gap Tours, a tour company that guides visitors by bike to London heritage attractions. He shares how the idea began and his top 3 insights for...

Creative Choices

Being a creative brand manager

Jenny Smyth works as Senior Account Manager at Red Cow Creative consultancy. She has delivered creative marketing campaigns for brands like Mr. Men, Little Miss and Where’s Wally?

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