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Old-School Cocktails You Need to Try

With the end of AMC's Mad Men quickly approaching, we thought we'd take the time to recognize one of our favorite things about the show. No, it isn't the retro-stylish outfits or Don Draper's winning smile. What we like best about the award-winning, drama-infused tribute to the 60's is its booze.

Most Amazing Training Montages of All Time

Oh, the training montage. There's just something about watching an underdog rise to the top that inspires people. So when you find yourself struggling with your fitness routine, what could possibly provide better motivation than a slow-motion sequence of running, lifting, and absurd workout moves set to synth-heavy 80s music?

How to Make Almond Milk: Step-by-Step

While nut milks used to belong to a fairly niche group of health foods, the market is now flooded with an endless variety of plant-based products for those seeking low calorie, lactose-free options for their morning cereal and coffee.

8 Inspiring Plus-Size Fitness Bloggers

For many people, the concept of female fitness bloggers conjures up images of gorgeous hardbodies that look like they just stepped off the pages of a glossy Lululemon ad. I'm never going to look like these women, we say to ourselves, so what's the point of even trying?

How to Make Puff Pastry at Home

Tarts. Cream puffs. Napoleons. So many mouth-watering bakery treats rely on puff pastry—but have you ever thought to recreate the flaky goodness for yourself?

The Nation's Best Yoga Studios

There's no doubt that health-conscious Americans are involved in a pretty serious love affair with yoga. Blinded by passion, devotees happily bend themselves into positions that look like they shouldn't even be physically possible; other yogis do the same, only in a room specifically designed to make them sweat.

America's Best Winter Food Festivals

Even in the midst of our deepest winter woes, these annual food festivals prove tempting enough to force us out of hibernation and into the frigid weather.

7 All-Natural Allergy Remedies

Don't get us wrong, we're over-the-moon excited for spring. Springtime brings with it some of our favorite things: Iced coffee. Sundresses. Sandals. Hiking trips. A respite from pasty legs and puffy coats. Unfortunately, it also marks the beginning of allergy season.

9 Tips for a Healthier Vacation

Trust us, we understand. These days, it's way more difficult than it should be to put away that iPhone. But the point of vacation is to eliminate stress, not add to it. For the sake of your mental health, try your hardest to resist the temptation to check your work email or call the office just once.

12 Best Heart-Healthy Foods

As you may already know, February is American Heart Month. What better way to give your ticker some well-deserved love than to cook up some tasty fare that also promotes a healthy heart?

Healthy Latin Eating: Angelo Sosa Q&A

Celebrity Chefs, Cooking How-To, Healthy, How-To, Recipes By McKenzie Van Meter From tamales to empanadas, classic Latin dishes are delicious, filling, and packed full of flavor. Unfortunately, they also tend to be extremely high in calories and fat, creating a bit of a problem for health-conscious eaters.

Oscars 2015: Best Picture Menus

In honor of the 87th Annual Academy Awards, we've prepared a selection of themed menus to pair with each of the eight movies nominated for Best Picture. This year's batch is wonderfully eclectic, so our menus vary from sophisticated party fare in homage of The Theory of Everything to kid-friendly food for Boyhood.

The Most Romantic Food Scenes

Whether you're happily paired with that special someone, searching for a new romance, or actively avoiding even the of dating, chances are you can appreciate that perfect cinematic moment where, just for one second, you're absolutely convinced that true love exists.

Super Bowls: 13 One-Bowl Recipes

This time of year, America's mind is on one thing: the Super Bowl. The game is always a good excuse to indulge in tasty offerings at parties and potlucks, but Super Bowl food doesn't have to be limited to just hot wings and cheese dip.

10 Healthy Breads and Muffins

While our diet- and health-conscious readers might consider "bread" a dirty word, its warm, mouth-watering goodness doesn't always have to be a guilty pleasure. In fact, if you choose the right recipes, many delicious breads and muffins can be packed full of nutrients and surprising health benefits.