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I am a writer of words and such. You may know me from my work with those cheeky chaps Gef the Mongoose where I am chief writer. My clips show a range of work:

Investigatory journalistic pieces
Paid sponsorships
Blog style articles

I also write poetry, short stories and have a facebook blog called Dad in Distress where I lament on the absurdities of Fatherhood.

I just like to write words. Please, help me feed my children. Somebody think of the children!

Gef The Mongoose
Meanwhile... at Wi-Manx | Gef The Mongoose

Here at Gef, we don't know too much about technology. Sure, we know the basics: Always - wait - never put a fork in a toaster. Be nice to Alexa. For she will instigate the robotic uprising. Other than that, we're pretty clueless. Thank goodness then for Wi-Manx, the Island's market leading telecoms company, who ...

Gef The Mongoose
Are we sending too many people to prison? | Gef The Mongoose

The Isle of Man government are revamping the Criminal Justice strategy and they'd like ideas and feedback from the taxpayer. One objective of the consultation is to see fewer people entering the criminal justice system, reducing the number going through the courts and of re-offending.

Gef The Mongoose
Adam Hudgeon: Trapped Under the Weight of the World Gef The Mongoose

On February 16 2018, Adam Hudgeon's Monday started like any other. He showered, had his breakfast and headed to the gym. He hadn't slept well and still felt groggy but he thought nothing much of it. That lethargy was creeping in as he struggled on.

Gef The Mongoose
Center Parcs - Same Time Next Year, Kids? | Gef The Mongoose

When I was a lad, a freckle-faced chubster with translucent skin and NHS specs, Butlins, Pontins or Blackpool were the places to go. My parents were from working class stock and money was tight. It was 1990... The spectral figure of the 80's loomed large.

Gef The Mongoose
Culture Vannin's short film flies the Manx flag | Gef The Mongoose

Our Island is a curious place. We are small in stature but goliath-like in bountiful beauty. We have God-tier landscapes, emerald greenery and azure-blue seas: natural wonder to rival anywhere on Earth. Yet our humour is sardonic and drier than desert bones.

Gef The Mongoose
Behind the scenes at - Meet Chad | Gef The Mongoose

Chad Willard pulls no punches. "If you're not at the pinnacle, you won't last here. If you're looking for a job where you can hide, this is the wrong place. Everyone here has to input." The gravel-voiced Floridian is forthright and honest, which is why his words command respect.

Gef The Mongoose
RehabĀ²: Furniture Porn for the Jilted Generation | Gef The Mongoose

A stroll through Douglas high-street is, for most of us, an experience on autopilot: The hustle of the suited and booted, heads bowed, scrolling through the day's events; the bitter aroma of cigarette smoke stinging and fading the senses; familiar shops and buildings, unflinching and present; dependably there but leaving no lasting impression.

Gef The Mongoose
Quanta Leap: World's First Blockchain Lottery | Gef The Mongoose

We're at the offices of Quanta. It's an unassuming office: White walls and flipcharts, tables occupied by coffee mugs, swathes of notes and well-worn laptops, mirroring pensive reflections of the hard at work. The ramshackle energy of a start-up is in the air here; a palpable sense of something exciting in its embryonic stages: Wild, free-flowing, uncertain and brimming with possibility.

Gef The Mongoose
MMR Vaccine - Gef Investigates... | Gef The Mongoose

Europe is presently in the midst of a Measles outbreak. In 2018 alone, there have been over 41,000 cases of the potentially fatal disease. The World Health Organisation has suggested this is due to the increased scepticism over perceived harms of the Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine (MMR).

Gef The Mongoose
The Ones Left Behind | Gef The Mongoose

It's just over two years since Mum died. After years of burying her own trauma and internal torment, she finally collapsed under the weight of the world. Her own struggles pushed her into a cul-de-sac of anguish and, so, with no viable solution to cease hers and her family's suffering, she hanged herself in the ...

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