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Highly civicly engaged research focused communications professional with a passion for engaging and connecting organizations, businesses and individuals in order to make a positive and lasting impact on the communities, stakeholders, or clients involved. I strive to accomplish this by leveraging my strong research and communications background in a wide range of industries including healthcare, news media, member services, Human Resources, and non-profits.



Good News, the Unemployment Rate Went Up?!

Yes, you read the title correctly - the January unemployment rate went up and many economists are hailing this as a positive sign for the economy. When it comes to measuring the health of the job market, the unemployment rate undoubtedly gets the most attention, and criticism, when it is released on a monthly basis by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Paid Parental Leave: Policy, Politics, and Parenting

Although the chances of this Congress successfully passing a bill on paid parental leave are tepid at best (even among supporters of such a measure), one thing is clear, awareness is building on the topic - from the State of the Union address to its own twitter handle #LeadOnLeave.

Is IT Salary Growth Keeping Pace with Job Demand?

With much discussion recently over what city will be the next Silicon Valley, it seems as if every job market is trying to get its share of high tech industry investment, and along with the companies, a share of the tech talent needed to make these companies successful.

Training Your Interns: An Investment in Your Company's Future

Providing employees with opportunities for training and development is typically framed in terms of a long term investment by the employer. You, the employer, invest time and resources into developing an employee's skill set and in turn they become a more valuable contributor.

Workplace Wellness: Tobacco Cessation and the CVS Caremark Tobacco Sales Ban

CVS Caremark's recent announcement that they will eliminating all tobacco products from their retail stores as of October 2014 has prompted much discussion in the news over the roles that a growing pool of employers are playing as they systematically leverage their place in the business world to eliminate tobacco from their organizations.

5 Realities of an Aging Workforce

An aging workforce is quickly becoming a reality with projections as early as 2016, indicating that in less than 2 years, one-third of the total U.S. workforce will be over the age of 50. Although millions of "Boomers" are hitting the official retirement age of 65 over a very short time period, the average actual retirement age is also steadily increasing.

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