M.B. Bishop

Freelance Writer

Having spent more than 35 years as a writer, I love to tell the stories of the fascinating people I meet. My goals are to come up with questions nobody else has asked and find new angles on old topics. I like to bring readers information that makes their lives easier, richer or maybe just more fun.

Atlanta Parent Magazine
Parties with a Twist

Put together a birthday party as unique as your special child.

Atlanta Parent Magazine
Explore the Stories Behind the Civil War

With the battlefields long grown still, visitors across Georgia can climb aboard a replica steamship, see what a shelter was like in a famous prison camp, and view trains, cannons and even shipwrecks left behind by war.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Teas With a Modern Twist

It's not your grandma's teatime anymore. Now it's a calming ritual for those caught up in the fast lane.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, News For Kids
Help Save a Life in Africa

A doctor describes her heartrending work in Africa and says it's easy for kids to make a big difference for orphans overseas.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, News For Kids
The Sweetest Time of Year

Girl Scout cookies have come a long way since they were first baked in a high school cafeteria in 1917. Badges have changed as well from the days when a "matron housekeeper" badge meant learning to polish floors.

The Rockdale Citizen
Star Trek Doc Remembers

Georgia native DeForest Kelley recalls the episode he liked best and talks about how his character inspired some real-life docs.