Kelsey Bricknell

Written Content Specialist

Kelsey is an experienced creative and professional writer, committed to replacing tired copy with sharp, clean text.
She specialises in creative, content, and technical long-copy; social media marketing and management (headline, sales, and short copy); and on and off-line editing (corporate and creative documents).




Crime Fiction in the 21st Century

Examining the preservation and subversion of genre in 21st century Crime Fiction.

Novel Excerpt: 2355 words

Through Her Eyes

Chapter one of a work-in-progress, Crime Fiction novel: The Unseen

Literary Critique

When "Beginnings" mean the end

The tragic predictability of Raymond Carver. Thumbnail Flickr photo credit: Vlastimil Koutecky 9205842055

Creative Work

Short Story

Closed Doors and Sour Soap

A 4287 word work of contemporary realism.

Short Story

Along the Bruce

A 2571 word work of contemporary realism.