Kelsey Bricknell

Written Content Specialist

Kelsey is an experienced creative and professional writer, committed to replacing tired copy with sharp, clean text.
She specialises in creative, content, and technical long-copy; social media marketing and management (headline, sales, and short copy); and on and off-line editing (corporate and creative documents).



Kelsey Writes...

Six Kittens #3

Part three of the memoir-driven blog series: Six Kittens.

Kelsey Writes...

Home is where...

Six Kittens memoir-driven blog post series, part two.

Kelsey Writes...

Six Kittens #1

Part one of a memoir-driven series of blog posts on my business website, Kelsey Writes... .

Kelsey Writes...

Di . ver. gent adjective \-jənt\ - differing from each other or from a standard

Book review blog post of the Divergent series. Flickr photo credit: Abhi Sharma 8314929977

Food Writing Internship

Cook My Way

Brisbane Market Food: Eat Street Market

Part 1 in a series of pieces exploring and reviewing the different food-markets in Brisbane

Cook My Way

Feeding Boys

A guide for women who are trying to fill bottomless stomachs, while on a budget!

Cook My Way

Food for thought

A review of Brisbane's book-cafes.

Cook My Way

Winter Warmers

Three healthy foods to keep you warm over winter!

Cook My Way

Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards

Commissioned feature article on former online food hub, Cook My Way. Written with information from media release and researched material.

Cook My Way

Brisbane Good Food Month

Commissioned promotional feature article advertising upcoming Good Food Month events in Brisbane (Commissioned by editor at Cook My Way).

Cook My Way

Sugar vs. Fat: Which is Healthier?

A two-way debate, with each writer researching and producing their argument. Teams were assigned by Cook My Way editors, but topics were brainstormed between writers.

Cook My Way

Brisbane's Top Five Gluten-Free Pizzas

Top five list of the best gluten-free pizzas available in Brisbane, based on taste, price and convenience.

Cook My Way

Five ingredients that rival any kind of take-away

A feature article offering quick, easy, tasty and healthy alternatives to take-away food.

Cook My Way

Game of Pies

Feature of Brisbane baker, Lauren Tregenza of Flame Tree Bakery, and her Game of Thrones themed pies.

Cook My Way

Ancient or Antique?

Review of Scout Cafe at Petrie Terrace, Brisbane. This post also examines the "vintage" or "indie" trend taking over local cafes.

University (Honours Thesis and Undergraduate pieces)

Abstract and Intro.

The Welcome Mat

Excerpt from Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative and Professional Writing) Honours thesis: This Space Has No Walls - examining the use and potential power the domestic domain has in...


Renovations and Extensions

Honours Thesis: Chapter 2. This is an exegetical chapter exploring the theoretical concepts that shaped my thesis topic.

Creative Non Fiction

Moving House

Honours Thesis: Chapter 3. This is a creative piece (short story) which blends and discusses theoretical concepts with elements of fiction and story telling. It was written to...