Maxwell Lehman


Location icon United States of America

Max Lehman is a New York-based performer with over 5 years of experience in writing prose and script-based content for live theatre, TV, indie film, and online branded content. His experience as a performer in the mediums of sketch, theatre, stand-up, and on-camera have greatly influenced his writing.
Max's focus is comedy, but is able to incorporate drama for the sake of 'real' elements of writing such as structure, an arc for the protagonist and the story-at-large. He develops projects on schedule all while maintaining an open dialogue and mind for making sure the best piece of work can be attained through collaboration.

Private Piece
Door 2 Door Clown

A Comedy horror short to be produced in the summer of 2019

Submitted to NBC Jan. 2019
Late Night Writer's Workshop Packet

A series of jokes based on the news current leading to mid-January 2019, pitches for late night desk pieces, and 2 SN-style sketches


A political satire; a short film loosely based on the night of the 2016 Presidential election

Audition Room Group
Baptist Pastor Rant

Wrote this in Collaboration with a Manhattan-based comedy troupe

Private Piece
They Must Be Stoners

A fake PSA about the dangers of Marijuana today with a tone of the 1950s