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Under the Silver Lake is a mess but it has something to say about incel culture

Since the first media murmurs, I was eagerly anticipating Under the Silver Lake . A lot of people were. It's no surprise really: a young, still somewhat unproven director in David Robert Mitchell, coming fresh from an instant cult horror in , and venturing into the well-trodden realms of neo-noir and Hollywood mythology with his new project.

Shelf Heroes
Sexy Beast - Hulk and its Strange, Schlock-Freudian Ambitions

Since Ang Lee's take on the Hulk helped kick off superhero fever in 2003, there has been another 42 films based off of Marvel Comics characters, 20 of which have been part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe, and 6 featuring the Hulk played by two different actors. Though it is largely regarded as Marvel's "film maudit", it's safe to say that Ang Lee's much-maligned take on the big green guy was a big player in the embryonic stage of Marvel domination, but certainly not for the reason...

Now is the perfect time to watch Paris, Texas

A ghost comes walking out of the desert. This is Travis Henderson, one of the most enigmatic and mysterious characters in all of Western cinema with his dishevelled, vacant visage. Played perfectly by the legendary character actor Harry Dean Stanton in a soul-searching performance, the image of Travis has become iconic since its inception.

Seconds - Give John Frankenheimer’s chilling masterpiece the second life it deserves

While much of American cinema chose to angle their camera eye positively towards the sixties, depicting the acid-wave utopianism of the cultural decade as the new American frontier - with films such as and Two-Lane Blacktop glamorising the spiritual road-trip that began with Jack Kerouac's and Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters - revolutionary and timely filmmaker John Frankenheimer chose to focus on the more cynical side of the "hippy era".

The unconventional beauty of Where the Wild Things Are

The opening moments of 2009's Where the Wild Things Are  - Spike Jonze's misunderstood feature-length expansion of Maurice Sendak's three hundred and thirty-eight-word children's classic - perfectly encapsulates its spirit. They are at once exhilarating and nostalgic. Jonze's camera crashes down the stairs with two ferocious beasts locked in a fierce chase, barely able to contain them within its slim frame.

Movie Time Guru
Eyes Without a Face - Movie Time Guru

Cinema is often like the creation of a mad scientist. It starts as the a passionate project of an ambitious creator, growing from the embryonic recesses of the mind, before materialising itself as a much larger project. Films are a cobbled together, Frankenstein's monster of parts.

The Unprofessionals
Dunkirk - The Unprofessionals

Film cameras were built for war. They are rugged machines developed to deal with extreme conditions. They are a large, heavy, and loud technology, a technology that was largely aided in its improvement and evolution by The Second World War.

Movie Time Guru
The Devils - Movie Time Guru

"They say Ken Russell has gone too far." In our current age of On Demand, Netflix, Amazon Home Delivery, and the Criterion Collection it's hard to believe that the cinema was once somewhat of an exclusive club.

El Topo - Acid tab cinema goes way out West

"T he mole digs tunnels under the earth, looking for the sun. Sometimes, he gets to the surface. When he sees the sun, he is blinded." So intones Alejandro Jodorowsky over the opening credits of his wild acid western, El Topo (1970: the beginning of something new).

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