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Data analyst
Former musician
Graduated in social sciences
Former graphic designer
Former pop culture journalist (in Italy)

Studying for my NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Journalism at News Associates (Manchester)

As you can see my headlines suck, I can edit everything but

English is not my first language

Present Tenses
On the use of gender quotas in the music industry

Why it is so difficult for women to be represented as much as men In the last couple of years the western culture saw the rise of women's awareness movements. #Metoo and #TimesUp spread across many industries such as sports, media, cinema, fashion and so on.2018 was the year of the Peace Nobel Prize to...

Present Tenses
"We're going to change the vibration of the world"

Yoko Ono guides Manchester in a performance to bring peace to the world In occasion of the Manchester International Festival the crowd awaits for Yoko Ono to appear and guide them into an art performance for the peace in the world. Instead, a pre-registered video shows a singing Yoko who, like a real hippy, lead...

Present Tenses
The Windrush Defenders take the streets of Manchester

How a small organisation helps dozens while raising awareness on the Windrush Scandal It's the 22nd of June when a small group of protesters who call themselves Windrush Defenders marches in Manchester City Centre.Adorned with the flags of the Caribbean countries under the British protectorate: Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica...

GIG REVIEW: Stonefield @ Night and Day Cafè

WORDS: Maurina Angioni; PHOTO: Maurina Angioni The Findlay sisters know how to rock. This was the certainty pervading the whole night at Night and Day cafè on Wednesday. These young girls came to us directly from the ‘70s with a sound that reminds of many but it’s not taken from anyone in particular. The opening song, Sleep, which is also their latest release, sounds like a marvelous Black Sabbath new track. Almost doom in the bass notes, with eerie vocals, like the voice was coming out...

Present Tenses
Sudanese people bring down a government pacifically

How a peaceful protest can subvert the rules of a whole country It's a normal Sunday in Piccadilly Gardens when our attention is catched by a group of people dancing and singing in the middle of the square. They wave a flag, clap their hands and play.

Present Tenses
"The only way to fight is on the streets"

Brazil Liberation Front explains how democracy in Brazil has fallen and what we can do to spread the message This spring a new organization arised in the Mancunian landscape: it's the Brazil Liberation Front.On the 7th of April 2018 the former Brazilian president Luís Inácio Lula da Silva was imprisoned with the accusations of passive...

MCR Live
LIVE: Dilly Dally @ Night People | MCR Live - Blog

WORDS: MAURINA ANGIONI PHOTO: KATE KILLET The event at Night People was all about punk. The interesting fact is that they presented two completely different kinds of punk in support of the long-awaited return of Dilly Dally to the UK.

MCR Live
ALBUM RELEASE: Red Rum Club - 'Matador' | MCR Live

Red Rum Club 's first album ' Matador' is exactly what we were expecting to hear from the Liverpool sextet. The first thought when listening to it is that the name 'Matador' summarise perfectly the whole experience and we don't even need to listen to the eponymous track to understand it.

Northern Alive

A PARTY YOU WISH WILL NEVER END The powerful pop-folk of Barns Courtney shakes up a regular Wednesday at Night and Day Cafè. If you go to a lot of gigs, you are probably used to some sort of show.