Matt Zuvela

Self-employed strategic narrative consultant

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I help my clients - brands, businesses, and NGOs - craft their narratives. I have collaborated on stories about sustainable development, CSR, products and sponsorships, and thought leadership. These stories are told in research papers, annual reports, speeches, internal comms, social media content, press releases, blogs, and translated text.

Economist Intelligence Unit
Brussels under highest terror threat

Insufficient domestic security co-ordination means Belgium will remain a weak link in European counter-terrorism.

Dortmund's 'cabinet of curiosities' | Sports | DW.DE | 30.11.2014

Borussia Dortmund, for all their problems this season, are getting good at one thing: shooting themselves in the foot. Their match on Sunday against Eintracht Frankfurt - like many others this season - was a sloppy affair, but there was no reason Dortmund couldn't have equalized after Alexander Meier's goal in the fifth minute to at least come away with a point.

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