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Matt Ryan

Executive Director

Location icon United States


I was born and raised in Portland, OR. Since the age of 18, I worked in sales and marketing, and developed my skills along the way to become a successful Manager. In October 2018, I joined a company called Leisure Care, where I work as an Executive Director leading and operating a large retirement community in Cedar Mill Oregon. In my 20 years of leadership, I knew that returning to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Communications was important for the future success in my career. In 2013, my beautiful daughter was born and my goal has been to be the best father she deserves. In 2007 I changed my legal name from Matt Klebaum to Matt Ryan when I married Brad Ryan. My goal is to continue my journey as a Communication Major and learn how to effectively communicate with people in difficult situations. There are several books I am currently reading and researching to stay relevant and current with the changes in leadership and communication.

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