Matthew Mallinger


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Copywriter who is insatiably curious and passionate about the power of words, music and art. I’m determined to use this passion to drive my creative endeavors and make an impact through advertising.

Pendio Group
E22: Julie Huls - Milwaukee and the Innovation Economy | Pendio Group

I was the digital advertising consultant for Growthminded Milwaukee, a Milwaukee based podcast that focuses on important business happenings in the area. I created a digital presence for the podcast using Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Art19 and Canva - and came up with a series of templates and best practices that they are now able to use for future podcasts.

Reimagine your Chicago Tradition

Navy Pier Campaign. This campaign was done in an effort to help Navy Pier with their recent remodeling and renovation. The target audience was Cook County families. I was the creative director for this project, using various adobe programs to organize our team's work, and to come up with a consistent brand image.

Portage Runner Newsletter

Laketrails Base Camp is a non-profit organization that teaches kids about themselves, the community and the environment through five day long canoe trips. I was the advertising and media intern for Laketrails this past summer. Attached is a bi-monthly newsletter called the Portage Runner.

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