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Matthew Jussim

Digital Content Specialist - Writer - Editor - Social Media Manager

Location icon United States

I'm a digital content editor, social media editor, and writer with a background in reporting, digital production, content creation, news writing, research, digital campaigns, and web production. I'm adept at storytelling across multiple platforms: print, digital, video, podcasts, and social media. I've worked on various CMS Applications across my career and managed digital content for major websites, editorial brands, and social media profiles.

I have experience in editing, social media management, and creating all types of digital content. Strong knowledge of AP Style writing and editing. I have extensive experience working with Content Management System programs and publishing software.

I have written for Men's Journal, Men's Fitness, AOL, Muscle & Fitness, Patch,, and Chaos Magazine, and have had features appear in Men's Fitness Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Magazine,, and Men's Journal Magazine.

You can find a full set of clips from Men's Journal at my author page:

Men's Journal
Long Island, Bahamas, Travel Guide: Where to Go, Stay, and Eat

If you want to get away and indulge in a beach vacation, you need to head to Long Island. No, we don't mean the fish-shaped peninsula jutting out of New York, but rather the one in the Bahamas. Often likened to a string of pearls, the Bahamas comprises over 700 islands scattered across 100 square miles of ocean.

Men's Fitness
How J.J. Watt dominates the NFL and stays freakishly athletic

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt knows what it takes to be an elite player. And while it would be easy to dismiss the four-time Pro Bowler's rise to defensive dominance as the product of sheer talent, Watt himself would credit another factor: dedication to all-around fitness.

Men's Fitness
Holt McCallany is having a career moment with 'Mindhunter.' It's about damn time.

It's getting a bit tougher for Holt McCallany to walk down the street these days. While the New York City-born actor has three decades of steady work in television and film under his belt, including memorable roles in Fight Club, Three Kings, and on the FX boxing series Lights Out, he's getting the most recognition of his career- from critics and fans-for his work in Netflix's new drama series Mindhunter.

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