Matthew Gibbons

Professional and Public Writing Student

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I have no idea what age exactly I was when my decision to be a writer was fully set in stone, but my use of my sixth grade year to handwrite an entire novel in my spare time is a good possibility.

Ever since then, I’ve pretty firmly known what I wanted to do. Writing was the perfect meeting of life spheres for me: I was great at math, but I hated it; I enjoyed biology, but was no good at it. But writing was something at which I both excelled and consistently enjoyed. Of course, there came a point at which I became aware that living off of my middle school Tolkien ripoff might not be very realistic; and at that point I had to face the very real question of how exactly I would make a living if I planned on pursuing my love of writing. And, thank God, I found myself blessed enough to live in a world where writers have no shortage of options.

So, before I even started at Auburn, I had a small array of possible career choices lined up for my future that would allow me to fully apply my greatest strength and passion. Currently, as I continue to hone my skills in my final years of formal education, I am looking for opportunities to obtain valuable experience in the work world, particularly through a search for a copy writing or technical writing position somewhere in my area upon my graduation in 2020.

Of course, good writing alone does not a good employee make; and as such, my membership in the Auburn University Marching Band is absolutely essential. Being an AUMB member requires skills like time management, teamwork, extreme focus, and general responsibility of the utmost quality.

And, upon starting my career, I hope to take my strong professional skills and my writing proficiency into whichever workplace I can find, and use them to make my work (and therefore the business) the absolute best that it can possibly be - and then, perhaps, look into getting that clearly spectacular sixth-grade book published on the side.

Matthew Gibbons
My Resume

This is a fully updated version of my resume as of Spring 2019.

Auburn University ENGL 3040 Course
How to Perform Basic Maintenance on a French Horn

This is a set of instructions that I wrote for my Technical Writing class. They detail how to properly perform various types of simple cleaning and maintenance on a French Horn.

Auburn University ENGL 4180 Course
Can Trump Make MAGA Great Again?

This is a paper I wrote for my Digital Rhetoric class which traces and analyzes the "Make America Great Again" slogan as a digital text. (And don't worry, it's quite politically neutral.)

Auburn University ENGL 2240 Course
Close Reading of Lord Byron's "Darkness"

This is a paper I wrote for my British Literature class which performs a close reading of the word "fiend" in Lord Byron's poem "Darkness" using the definitions of the word found in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Auburn University ENGL 2240 Course
The Prison of Britishness

This is a paper I wrote for my British Literature class analyzing the role of Britishness in Alan Moore's graphic novel "V for Vendetta."

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