Matt Allen

Marketing Supervisor

I currently serve as Marketing Supervisor for Cordell & Cordell, the world's largest men's divorce law firm. Duties include overseeing the implementation of optimal marketing strategies in each of the 70+ markets Cordell & Cordell serves in 25 states, stretching from California to New York.

My positions have included running the online operations for three companies: the St. Louis Business Journal, Missouri Lawyers Media, and the Cordell & Cordell law firm. My foray into journalism began with a neighborhood newsletter produced from my neighbor's garage in 6th grade, which ultimately led me to the University of Missouri-Columbia's prestigious School of Journalism. After several post-graduation years as a reporter and online editor for business and legal newspapers, I joined Cordell & Cordell to help expand its presence through content marketing.

St. Louis Business Journal
McBride launches 2 firms to buy, protect real assets

With rising foreclosures leaving more properties neglected, McBride & Son Cos. has formed two independent companies to take advantage of current conditions in the troubled housing market.

St. Louis Business Journal
Cracks in the foundations

Many St. Louis-area charitable foundations and trusts will hand out less money over the next year because the slumping economy and stock market have delivered a serious blow to their portfolios.

St. Louis Business Journal
Esse Health struggles with shortage of primary doctors

Mike Castellano, chief executive of Esse Health, one of the region’s largest independent physician practices, is interested in doubling the 75 primary care physicians currently working at Esse Health but is finding the quickly diminishing nationwide supply of generalists worrisome.

St. Louis Business Journal
Scottrade flying high

October was a record month for Scottrade, opening triple the average number of accounts it would typically open as traders changed investments and people entered the market looking to take advantage of the opportunity to buy stocks at record-low prices.

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