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Mary Tezak

Talented Writer • Strategic Thinker • Seasoned Consultant

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Internal Communication

Intranet Management
EcoSure Intranet Redesign

EcoSure’s intranet redesign included a site audit, content map development, and building and launching a “one-stop” resource for information, tools and news.

Planning & Strategy
UTC Aerospace Systems

UTC Aerospace System's internal communication channels were designed to engage employees in the business' strategies and initiatives.

Intranet News Writing
Brief Meeting. Big Solutions

When you've got 60 minutes with a U.S. House Member, you want to use your time wisely. This article highlights how Sensors & Integrated Systems did just that.

Employee Campaign
You Said. We Did.

Plenty of work happened across Sensors & Integrated Systems in response to employee feedback. Communication focused on what employees said, and what we did about it.

Corporate Print Publication
H.B. Fuller WORD

H.B. Fuller’s quarterly print publication brought its strategies and initiatives to life by highlighting recent accomplishments and successes.

Award Program Speech
The Road to Excellence

"The Road to Excellence. What exactly does it mean? Who are the people being honored tonight? What makes them unique?"

Financial Communication

Capabilities Brochure
Life is a Mountain You Only Climb Once

Piper Jaffray's capabilities brochure reflects its "Guides for the Journey" branding and outlines how it successfully leads investors on their financial journeys.

Piper Jaffray Market Digest
Understanding Professionally Managed Accounts

The breadth and complexity of today's investment opportunities can be overwhelming. Keeping up with financial markets requires more time, expertise and knowledge than ever before.

Cable TV Scripts
Guides for the Journey

"It's impossible to know what the market will do 5 or 10 years down the road. But having a financial plan can give you greater confidence your goals will stay on track."

External & Nonprofit

2017-18 Plan
Saving Grace Village (SGV) Content Strategy

Delivering consistent, engaging content that motivates volunteers and inspires them to get involved can help Saving Grace Village meet its 3-year goals. Here's how.

Launch Materials
Ecolab HDI Platform

The launch of Ecolab’s new HDI platform required rebranding and consistent messaging for both internal and external stakeholders.

Target Corporate Responsibility Report
Here for Good

Target's 2011 corporate responsibility report provided a detailed picture of the company's social and environmental commitments, and discussed progress to date.

H.B. Fuller Marketing Blog
When Sustainability Drives Innovation

"As American inventor Charles Kettering once said, “We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.”

Healthy Cooking Trends

This infographic was created using research and design tools such as Google Trends, Social Mention and Canva, with the goal of telling a concise, compelling, visual story about U.S. eating trends.

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