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Mary Keck is a columnist for The Times Herald where she writes about wildlife, nature, and outdoor recreation. She is an experienced reporter and story teller who meets deadlines with articles and features that stimulate, educate, and celebrate the community. Contact her at [email protected]



The Clarkston News
Union braves snow to picket Saganos

In the midst of the falling snow on Feb. 22, you may have seen picket signs held high on the corner of Sashabaw and Waldon Roads. What was the demonstration's target?

The Clarkston News
Auditors call for more oversight

A city audit recommended Clarkston stop amending its budget after the fact, but City Council is still doing it.

The Clarkston News
Dixie businesses ready for road work

Starting April 1, fewer lanes on Dixie Highway will be open, and 395 businesses along the busy thoroughfare will feel the impact.

The Clarkston News
Spring blaze helps Springfield park

When it comes to fire, Smokey the Bear would likely warn of danger, but Springfield Township Parks and Recreation Director Jennifer Tucker has a different view.

The Clarkston News
Community pulls together to help family in crisis

Like many ten year olds, Maysie Jean Madison sings along with Katy Perry and Justin Beiber. She loves writing, bike riding, painting her nails, and Sponge Bob Square Pants. But since March 7 when Maysie was medically-induced into a coma due to seizures in her brain, she hasn't woken up to enjoy the usual things.

The Clarkston News
Higher late fees for sewer and water in Independence

If your water or sewer bill isn't sent in on time, you'll be paying a higher late fee since the Independence Township Board of Trustees voted 6-1 to raise the penalty from five to ten percent.

The Clarkston News
Oil Zone

Driving along White Lake Road just before the Indian Springs Metropark entrance, you wouldn't know there was a drilling operation behind the line of black plastic sheeting unless you take a right onto Teggerdine Road.

The Clarkston News
Red flags in City Manager search

"It's about openness and transparency and letting the people of the Village of Clarkston have their say," said Mark Petterson, former Independence Township Trustee.

Mount Vernon Democrat
Q & A with Todd Camp

Mount Vernon Democrat correpsondent Mary Keck talked with Todd Camp, superintendent of North Posey schools, about possible consolidation with New Harmony.


The Clarkston News
Syrup sap by the gallon this season

Whether they pour it over waffles or brew it into beer, the sap lovers on Bond Trail have tapped into an old tradition that's yielded sweet results.

The Clarkston News
Clarkstonite raises temps in Antarctica

Woolley's work in Antarctica will be done in October, and he'll fly back to warmer climates. Although living in a stark polar region may seem foreign to many, Woolley assures, "Antarctica grows on you."

The Clarkston News
Labor of love to support the troops

For forty hours each week for the last ten years, Independence Township resident Mary Pope has been performing a labor of love.


The Times Herald
Nature's babies need room to grow

When I saw a robin with a beak full of twigs, I knew she was building a nest but didn't realize she'd chosen the top of my electric meter as the cradle for her bright, blue eggs.

The Times Herald
Nature and Internet fit together nicely

When I consider how local farmers help hungry people link up to Mother Earth online, I’m not surprised we refer to the Internet as a “web.” Naming it after one of nature’s designs reminds us that even the technology humans create does not have to separate us from the natural world. In fact, it can aid us in our earthly existence, drawing us closer to nature and one another.

Nature Writing
Making History

While the next rain or snowfall will leave no trace of yesterday's story, a new history will be written on nature's fresh slate.


The Clarkston News
Lust and laughter

"There's nobody really innocent in the play," said actor Jennifer Gentry-Saulski of the characters in the Clarkston Village Players' latest production Sinners.

Crab Orchard Review
Review of Three Versions of the Truth

Amy Knox Brown’s collection, Three Versions of the Truth, proves that even a few miles of landscape can be endowed with vivid and diverse possibilities.