Maryrose Mullen

New Jersey Monthly
Scared Silly: Locked Up in Brighton Asylum

It's a dark and stormy night. A wolf howls in the distance. Mysterious figures dressed in black lurk in the shadows of a decrepit warehouse. Soon I will join this twisted legion, surrender to the dark side and be transformed into something hideous, doomed to wander for all eternity in the netherworld.

New Jersey Monthly
Chasing the Runner's High, One Mile at a Time

As a runner, I am often asked what drives me to keep lacing up my sneakers. Here's the truth: I don't know. I love running, but when I'm really pushing myself, it's The Worst. There are plenty of reasons people take up running-even though it's grueling.

New Jersey Monthly
Howling Woods Farms is Where the Wolf Dogs Call Home

Howling Woods Farms wants you to know: There's no such thing as a Big Bad Wolf Dog. The 10-acre animal rescue and education center in Jackson shelters dozens of wolf dogs-dogs with pure wolf DNA in their recent background. The mission of the 20-year-old nonprofit is to dispel damaging myths about wolves while also educating visitors about their true nature.

New Jersey Monthly
Tipping the Scales at Asbury Park's Promenade of Mermaids

I've always felt a kind of kinship with mermaids. I love the ocean, I have amazing hair, and I too-on occasion-desire to drag men to the bottom of the sea. When given the opportunity to walk among the merpeople, I jumped at the chance.

New Jersey Monthly
When It Comes to Haggis, Don't Be Sheepish

A taste of a real Scottish experience awaits this month-if you have the stomach for it. Every January, the Argyle Restaurant in Kearny celebrates its Scottish roots with a birthday bash for Robert Burns, the motherland's favorite poet.

New Jersey Monthly
A Night With The Jersey Derby Brigade

I've always fancied myself a bit of a tough, a delusion supported by nothing in particular. As I lace up my skates for roller-derby practice with the Jerzey Derby Brigade, I'm aware that my tenacity will come in handy. Other essentials: a good sense of balance and an ability to laugh at yourself.