Maryrose Mullen

New Jersey Monthly
A Night With The Jersey Derby Brigade

I've always fancied myself a bit of a tough, a delusion supported by nothing in particular. As I lace up my skates for roller-derby practice with the Jerzey Derby Brigade, I'm aware that my tenacity will come in handy. Other essentials: a good sense of balance and an ability to laugh at yourself.

New Jersey Monthly
Chasing the Runner's High, One Mile at a Time

As a runner, I am often asked what drives me to keep lacing up my sneakers. Here's the truth: I don't know. I love running, but when I'm really pushing myself, it's The Worst. There are plenty of reasons people take up running-even though it's grueling.

New Jersey Monthly
When It Comes to Haggis, Don't Be Sheepish

A taste of a real Scottish experience awaits this month-if you have the stomach for it. Every January, the Argyle Restaurant in Kearny celebrates its Scottish roots with a birthday bash for Robert Burns, the motherland's favorite poet.

New Jersey Monthly
Tipping the Scales at Asbury Park's Promenade of Mermaids

I've always felt a kind of kinship with mermaids. I love the ocean, I have amazing hair, and I too-on occasion-desire to drag men to the bottom of the sea. When given the opportunity to walk among the merpeople, I jumped at the chance.

New Jersey Monthly
Howling Woods Farms is Where the Wolf Dogs Call Home

Howling Woods Farms wants you to know: There's no such thing as a Big Bad Wolf Dog. The 10-acre animal rescue and education center in Jackson shelters dozens of wolf dogs-dogs with pure wolf DNA in their recent background. The mission of the 20-year-old nonprofit is to dispel damaging myths about wolves while also educating visitors about their true nature.

New Jersey Monthly
Scared Silly: Locked Up in Brighton Asylum

It's a dark and stormy night. A wolf howls in the distance. Mysterious figures dressed in black lurk in the shadows of a decrepit warehouse. Soon I will join this twisted legion, surrender to the dark side and be transformed into something hideous, doomed to wander for all eternity in the netherworld.