Mary Petralia

Creative and Professional Writer. Fitness, Music, and Travel Enthusiast.

Mary Petralia is a freelance editor, writer, poet, and office worker. She completed an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida in Dec 2015. She proofs and edits academic papers, dissertations, IEEE papers, science journal submissions, and business papers. She writes articles of all interest, book reviews, and live event reviews among other items. Her background is in the medical industry.

Her poems have appeared in Bridge Eight, Shooter Literary Magazine, London Journal of Fiction, Kentucky Review, Tincture Journal, Eyedrum Periodically, Anamesa: An Interdisciplinary Journal, and other publications.

She is the recipient of multiple nominations for the AWP Intro Journals Award.

She can be reached at [email protected]

See her Plum Talents here:

Gone Lawn 23 : Mary Petralia

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Retirement Countdown: Is 2016 Your Last Accumulation Year?

IAR, RICP®, president and founder of By Paul Tarins Sovereign Retirement Solutions You've worked hard your entire life and you're finally ready to retire...but are you truly ready? Let's face the facts. According to an Employee Benefit Research survey, only 44% of workers have actually tried to calculate how much they will need to save for retirement.

Can Charitable Giving Be More Than Just Food For The Soul?

By Paul Tarins, IAR, RICP A desire to give charitably is a significant part of what makes you who you are. When considering philanthropic investment options, you search for strategies and tools that will give you the most efficient returns possible, while addressing your need to give charitably.

Ink 19
Princess Masako * Ink 19

In Princess Masako, Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne: The Tragic True Story of Japan's Crown Princess, Aussie journalist Ben Hills claims to not present any opinion, much less his own, on the subject matter presented. But from the title alone, it is clear that Hills considers Princess Masako a "prisoner" of the Japanese royal family.

Ink 19
The Flaming Lips * Ink 19

Mary Petralia After the likeably sonic Stardeath - hey, was that Wayne Coyne's nephew? - Santa Clauses and aliens alike converged on the intimate HOB stage to join Wayne Coyne and Co. for a purely original Flaming Lips show.

Ink 19
The Cannabis Companion * Ink 19

I know you don't smoke weed; but it's Friday and you're going to read about getting high today. Mary Petralia passes us The Cannabis Companion, a glossy guide that elevates the illicit leaf to the status of wine and fancy chocolates. So clear off that green stuff, make room on the coffee table, and puff puff, give.

Creative Writing MFA
The Socially-Challenged MFA Student

The socially-challenged student. I think about the concept all the time. What does the notion of the socially-challenged student have to do with the wonderfully diverse UCF MFA program, you ask?

Eyedrum Periodically
Gentrification - Eyedrum Periodically

Mary Petralia He says the potential hides inside; he says go into Brooklyn bars and take notes on the interesting stories people tell while they're drunk, as if I did not already know the drunkest story. Mother retches into toilet at three in the morning, varicose-vein legs curl under the butt (then knee-push to chest ...

London Journal of Fiction
Poems September

I said thank you God and almost believed it, then a woman in a riot stole toilet paper and paper towels instead of a TV or cell phones and a radio DJ made fun of her; you cretin, paper products aren't a benefit of SNAP plus you don't even know how to pronounce "judgmental."