Marybeth Bittel

Professional Writer & Content Developer

Location icon United States

Expertise includes multi-industry article development; promotional & technical writing; PR/media relations; professional blogging; web content development; editing/proofreading; audio/video script writing; ghostwriting; presentation development and more.

Offering more than two decades of diverse, service-focused experience in marketing communications, advertising, media relations, sales support, creative direction, event management and strategic planning.

Business Op/Ed, with Ad Layout & Copy
Synergistic Strategy Sets Up More Sales

Business Ledger Op-Ed discussing ways that today's companies can boost business and enhance customer engagement. Developed editorial copy, ad copy, and ad layout.

Tails Inc. - NFP Review & Inspiration
Comfort, Joy, and a Loving Home

British veterinarian and author James Herriot once remarked, "If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

Dogster Magazine
Harvard Says, Get a Dog!

Interview conducted with professional veterinarians and the research staff at Harvard Medical School, detailing the findings of a special compilation report in layman's terms.

Tails Pet Magazine
Just a Boy and His Dog: Mike Rowe and Freddy Pitched, developed and wrote this national cover article, which details an exclusive interview conducted with celebrity Mike Rowe and his rescue pup Freddy

DM News
Experts Weigh In on Dimensionals

"Professional insight" article written for DM News, discussing the benefits of using dimensional print tools with emerging new features.

Promotional White Paper for ASC/Perrygraf
Swiss Army Knife Selling

White paper written in conjunction with a trade-focused newsletter (layout and content also composed by me). Customers who engaged with a special newsletter link could complete a questionnaire and request the white paper.

Greater O'Hare Association Member Resources
Trading Tips -- Trade Show Training White Paper

White paper handout written to support a presentation I gave on effective trade show booth management. White paper was distributed to conference attendees who clicked a specific online link to engage.

Tails Inc.
How We Shape Our Pet's Behaviors

By Marybeth Bittel When I was a young music student growing up in Chicago's western suburbs, my family adopted an Airedale puppy we named Beethoven. I picked Beethoven out at the shelter because all the other puppies rushed forward to greet me, while he hid shyly in the corner.

Newsletter Sample Excerpts

eNewsletters written, designed, and programmed using both Constant Contact and MailChimp. Formats range from brief announcements to lengthy, multi-article layouts that cross-link to web sites or social media presence. Writing, design, layout, distribution.

West Suburban Dog - Fitness/Safety
Let Safety Lead the Way

Article on the dangers of retractable leashes, appearing in West Suburban Dog Spring 2015 issue.

Grayhill Direct Response Mailer

Developed to reach product managers across industries, inviting them to take advantage of Grayhill’s OEM component manufacturing capabilities.

Tails Inc. - Family/Pets/Legal
Who Keeps Fluffy? The Pet Parent's Guide To Love (And Breaking Up)

By Marybeth Bittel Several years ago I went through a terrible breakup. It was extremely unfortunate and exceedingly complicated; friendly on the surface but full of bitter hurts deep- down-an all too common scenario. We divided our various possessions and re-established our lives as two independent, unattached people.

Technical White Paper - Manufacturing & Engineering
Balancing the Outsourcing Equation

Industry white paper written for customers and prospects who attended a trade show and participated in a technology presentation/round table.

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