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I graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Chemistry (Bachelor) and Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry (Master). With a love of scientific research, STEM outreach, and teaching I decided to pursue a Ph.D. degree at Rutgers University (former UMDNJ campus). During my Ph.D. studies, I developed an interest in writing and enjoyed sharing my work with people. In order to improve my writing skills, I joined a prominent school blog (interdisciplinary job opportunities for biomedical scientists (iJOBS) blog) where I'm a current senior editor. It has allowed me to learn management and leadership skills while gaining an opportunity to learn about career development from other students. I am also an intern at PRN Experts and a reviewer for Seeding Labs.


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The Mentor-Mentee Dance | The Rutgers iJOBS Blog

Your success as a graduate student depends on the quality of your mentorship. Often times, we choose a mentor based on our interests, or just to get into a lab that has money. Choosing a lab should be meticulously planned, the same way a great dance involves a planned order of steps.
Get involved! The next generation needs you | The Rutgers iJOBS Blog

iJOBS hosted a career panel, on May 22, 2017, in hopes of enlightening students about career opportunities in education and science outreach. The panelists included: Lucille O'Reilly Ph.D. (Science Teacher), Tiffany King, Ph.D. (BioBus), Patricia Irizarry, Ph.D. (The Rutgers Science Explorer Bus), Paul Winslow Ph.D. (Students 2 Science) and Kara Mann, MS. (Liberty Science Center).
Maryam Alapa | The Rutgers iJOBS Blog

I cannot stress how important informational interviews are in helping you decide your career track. I first learned about regulatory medical writing at an informational interview session. I became so interested that now I am trying to learn more about the career track as a phase 2 iJOBS trainee.

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