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PR and English double major at the University of Florida

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The portfolio of a lean, mean, writing machine that loves art in all its forms!

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Weather Together - The Fine Print

Texas and Florida are nearly recovered from 2017's hurricane season, but American citizens in the Caribbean still need our help. It's been over four months since three hurricanes barreled one after the other across the Caribbean.

Stomping Grounds: Poems by Martha Paz-Soldan

A gritty little chapbook of a few poems I wrote for an advanced poetry workshop that I took in the fall of 2017. It's affectionately crammed with a lot of empathy, backbone and delusions of grandeur that sound much better on paper.

A ★★★★★ review of Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)

This film knows exactly what it is. It needs all 179 minutes to create a warmly-lit reverie belonging wholly to our protagonist, in which she attempts to find herself through first love. She builds her world around the all-consuming warmth between them, gives herself entirely to Emma, and fails to see that sometimes it isn’t enough.

Campus Moviefest
To the Bitter End (Short Film Script)

A struggling writer finds herself in a rut, but no one told her that the side effects to being a tortured artist would include a voice in her heading trying to impose his life philosophy on her.

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Read Up, Chow Down: Public & General - The Fine Print

ainesville's popular restaurants are usually hard to miss, sprinkled in the vibrant Midtown and downtown areas, making them fair game to crowds of college students and locals alike. But you aren't too likely to stumble upon Public & General, located in the northeast side of Gainesville, after a long night out on the town.

A ★★★★★ review of Green Room (2015)

A friend had first recommended this modern thriller to me by describing it as a bunch of kids in a punk band fighting off neo-Nazis. Perhaps it was the provocative cinematography, the gore that was just enough to make you squirm without feeling totally sick, or the organic suspense wholly created by our heroes' hopeless situation-being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ending up trapped in an isolated skinhead mecca.

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