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Freelance Writer and Social Media Consultant

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Freelance Writer and Social Media Consultant with a strong background in fashion, entertainment, film, and music writing.

It's Love, Actually: 20 Romantic Rom-Com Gestures That Still Make Us Swoon

It's true- nobody does romance better than those on the big screen. Fans' affinity towards grand romantic gestures never ceases to stop, and everyone adores turning to Hollywood for those perfectly over-the-top scenes that are sure to give singletons everywhere completely unrealistic expectations about love. Does it matter that they're sometimes completely non-logical?

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The Timeless Legacy of Heathers

Vancouver based freelance writer Marta Djordjevic writes about the timeless legacy of the film Heathers, and why the 1989 cult teen film is now more relevant than ever before. When Michael Lehmann's brazen teen comedy Heathers came out in 1989, audiences simply weren't ready for its hyper-stylised depiction of teenagers with over-the-top antics that seemed ludicrous in every sense of the word.

DJ Paris Hilton & 19 Other Celebs Who Have Side Hustles

Ever wonder what celebrities do in their spare time? Sure, some of them bask in their success by giving themselves downtime while they're not working or take the time to hone their craft further. But others put their hard-earned dollars into other side gigs, either to fulfill a dream, become an entrepreneur, or simply to help the greater good.

20 Things Nail Technicians Don't Share With Their Clients (& Really Should)

Heading to a nail salon is the ultimate in pampering. What's more relaxing than getting a mani-pedi combo, or going in to get elaborate nail art done that we'd never achieve at home? According to Nails, $7 billion is spent on nail services yearly in the US, and nearly half of nail techs are 80-100% booked.

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