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The essentials of mobile app attribution

Mobile attribution is about connecting dots. The first dot is something you engage with - an ad, a social post, an email from a company. You look at an ad on your smartphone and you react to it. You either click on the ad, or you don’t.

Mobile user engagement strategies for the holidays | Adjust

The American holiday retail season is an explosive one, for in-store purchases as well as in-app (over 75% of all Americans used mobile devices for holiday shopping in 2016). Adjust sees major lifts in metrics (including spending) around the holidays, and this makes sense: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are spreading throughout the world.

Why is mobile attribution in China so hard?

China is a mobile-first society, but mobile attribution has remained a black box for international companies, in particular for app marketers. Unable to track campaigns reliably, there has been no way to effectively measure ad campaigns and reinvest in the retargeting of high-value users.

Siegessäule December '14
Attacking the Stigma, p. 35

There are an estimated 80,000 people living with HIV in Germany, and although new rates have plateaued, there's no reason to be complacent. By decreasing stigma and discrimination, we can increase testing as well as treatment-- both remedial and preventative-- and maybe put an end to AIDS-related deaths within 5 years.

The Billfold
I Went to Germany to Be an Au Pair and Get a Master's Degree for 1,000 Euros

If you're young and dumb (under 26) you can become an au pair in Germany. If you don't mind that the potential for exploitation is really high and the entire au pair scheme is a weird, paternalist way of prepping (mostly) young women for a life of housework and child-rearing rather than preparing them for the workforce, then it's a pretty okay way to get far away for a long while.

How To: Bake With Kids

Our best tips for turning everything kitchen into a family affair...