Mark Putzer

Experienced and Versatile Writer

United States

My prolific and wide-ranging writing and media career spans over 20 years and many countries. Highlights include:

- Experienced in multiple types of writing, including technical, proposal, and news articles
- Conservation and animal welfare
- International travel writing
- Transportation writing: cars, airplanes, boats, and space exploration (MotorBiscuit and DealerSocket)
- Successful $6.7 billion bid proposal that created 5,000 local jobs (Oshkosh Corporation)
- Produced educational videos and software for children in Thailand (Ruam Jai - Pattana)
- Website design and writing for orphanages and youth development projects in Asia
- Extensive healthcare writing experience
- Award-winning academic publication for a research project with whales

Driving Is Great for Creative Thinking to Get Big Ideas - Here's Why

For many people, a car is just a means to get from point A to point B. For others, cars are more meaningful, whether it's the sheer joy of driving, taking a journey with friends and family, or a reflection of one's personality. Cars can also serve another purpose — in a way you might not expect.

Weird Animal News
Elephant Miraculously Walks Again With Giant Prosthetic Foot

Prosthetic devices have made major advances in recent years, greatly improving mobility. These advances aren’t just for people, but also for animals. Dogs, cats, and others have a new lease on life. Additionally, there’s a unique prosthetic for an animal much bigger: an elephant. Check out this heartwarming story of an Asian elephant in Cambodia that can miraculously walk again because of a giant prosthetic foot.

Driving a Zodiac Boat in Search of Singing Humpback Whales in Hawaii

We search for intelligent alien life in the vast reaches of the universe, but right here on Earth, an intelligent lifeform has roamed the ocean for millions of years: whales. Long before I was a writer, I was a marine biologist. I researched humpback whales around Maui, Hawaii, and orca whales around the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Lonely Planet
Rajasthan Travel

Explore Rajasthan holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Here is India's quintessential land of maharajas and medieval forts, palaces and tigers, and kaleidoscopic festivals. Rajasthan really is the jewel in India's crown.

Driving the Maui Hana Highway and Get Mistaken for GOAT Surfer Kelly Slater

Many years ago, after completing a marine biology project with humpback whales in Maui, Hawaii, I drove a Ford Mustang Convertible on the beautiful Hana Highway. While on my journey, I had a hilarious encounter with locals that mistook me for GOAT professional surfer Kelly Slater.

Mister Rogers and His 1928 Ford Model A Sport Coupe

Mister Rogers, the beloved children's television host, owned a 1928 Ford Model A Sport Coupe that his mother and father gave him. In Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, he also utilized cars as a way to show the importance of caring about others. Climb on board the Model A and enjoy a Mister Rogers automotive adventure.

Planet Vitality
Fundraising Letter for Planet Vitality

Planet Vitality is an organization that works to bring funds to several grassroots organizations in South Asia that aim to improve the lives of women and children. All of the money raised by Planet Vitality is used in the most direct method appropriate, such as the purchase of clothing for an orphanage or books for a small rural school.

Wayfinder Family Services
Camp Bloomfield – Wayfinder Family Services

Wayfinder's Camp Bloomfield has been sharing the joys of the great outdoors with our children and families since 1958. The program offers activities adapted for children of all ages and abilities and gives them a natural and safe environment to develop self-esteem and build independence.