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Mark Hanson

Content Writer, Editor, Storyteller

Location icon United States

My Grandpa Rowland’s stories, slide shows, and Super 8 footage of trips abroad endowed me with an appreciation for storytelling and all things multimedia. Fast forward to a community radio station in the snowy hinterlands of Nome, AK.

That’s where my writing career took flame, and for 20 years since I’ve written content for companies in Seattle and beyond, telling peoples’ stories, giving breath to their ideas, and bringing clarity to complex topics.

I’ve worked for architects, non-profits, software firms, and higher-ed. Now it’s your turn. Check out the samples below and drop me a line to discuss your next project.


Multimedia/ Web Copy/ Other
Pearson controls cloud migration costs with FinOps

Once dominated by textbooks and chalkboards, the modern learning experience has gone digital. That reality is especially apparent to Pearson Education, publisher of textbooks and e-textbooks and provider of online assessment tests. Pearson serves more than 75 million learners across more than 70 countries, and to serve them more efficiently, the company made a big push to the cloud, specifically AWS.

PMI worldwide
PMI corporate responsibility site

As part of a site refresh, I worked with the PR firm to bring the company's CSR philosophy to life in a more engaging and tangible way.
Achieving business value through ITFM

One of Aesop's fables tells the story of a fox who spies a cluster of grapes just out of reach. The fox repeatedly tries grabbing the grapes, but its attempts end in failure. Eventually the fox quits, deciding the grapes are sour and not worth its attention.
Kickstart a repeatable approach to IT cost optimization

In 1543, Flemish physician Andreas Vesalius revolutionized medical science with a series of books and sketches on human anatomy. Until then, the human body had been a black box, but Vesalius established a common understanding of anatomy, giving doctors a roadmap of sorts for performing surgery and paving the way for continued medical advances.

The World and Everything In It
Circus Arts: Entertainment or Therapy?

Audio segment on the circus arts community in Seattle and how some schools are using it for therapy, as well as entertainment.

Artificial Intelligence is Nothing Without Human Ingenuity. Here's Why.

It's long been the stuff of sci fi, but increasingly, the practical side of artificial intelligence (AI) is very real. On the consumer side, personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana help automate the simplest of tasks. Meanwhile, AI adoption is also accelerating within the workspace.

Microsoft Military Affairs
MSSA helps Marine find camaraderie and support at Facebook - Microsoft Military Affairs

Gary Lehman has always been interested in the life of a warrior-not just the tactics, but also the mindset. In high school, he studied Aikido and delved into its philosophy and underlying principles. Around that time, his father gave him a copy of Jarhead, Anthony Swofford's firsthand account of the Persian Gulf War.

Connected Field Service eBook

This content marketing piece highlights the potential value and innovation of the Microsoft Dynamics platform to help companies improve their field service operations.

Feature stories

David Rodgers: The Crafting of Boats and Building of Seattle's Legacy

Before a single line of code was written, a wing spar crafted, or coffee bean roasted, Seattle built boats. Throughout the Puget Sound basin there was a small but burgeoning industry that built everything from barges and barkentines to sloops, freighters, and steamers. If a vessel could transport lumber from the region's numerous mills, which numbered close to 600 at one point, or ferry supplies to the Yukon, Seattle-area shipyards likely had a hand in the building or in keeping it afloat.

Real-world road tests lead to connected, intuitive driving

Perched in a high-rise above the 3rd ring road in Zhongguancun, Beijing’s technology innovation hub, Joshua Xiang and his team are hard at work. Among the typical desktop tchotchkes are scattered fragments of automotive electronics: speakers, car stereos and touch screens. As a group program manager for the Windows Embedded Automotive team, Xiang leads a team of program managers, along with developers and testers, in building the next release of Ford SYNC, which was launched earlier this year...