Mark Davis

Media Consultant, Journalist, Editor, Physician and Medical Guru

Mark Davis MD has authored three books: Demons of Democracy, The Millenium Diet and his third book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Dr. Davis has written hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from politics to health policy. Consultant to numerous media outlets he covers politics, health care and science. Dr. Davis is the manager of As owner/manager of Dr. Davis works with many authors help publish their works.


Marco Rubio: more Democrat than Republican
Rubio: a Trojan Democrat
Maryland's Primary: the aftermath
Maryland's lackluster primary season ended on a minor note. With a poverty of turnout expectations were higher than the 22% who showed up to vote. Two candidates for Governor...
Lawyers: America's greatest infection
Lawyer's A
Trayvon Martin: the aftermath
Whose Civil Rights are really being violated?
Obama goes where no president has gone before
Obama's depraved mind brings morality in America to new lows
Phase Two: the Obamacare nightmare continues
Derelict in their duties implementing phase one of Obamacare, the Exchanges, phase two will be a nightmare for those trying to bring this legislation into reality. Based on a...
Baltimore: a city in chaos
A crime wave hits Baltimore
Baltimore: a city in chaos
A city that bleeds
Rubio's immigration legislation is Obamacare on steroids
Rubio's immigration reform is a ruse to the nth degree
Rubio's immigration legislation is Obamacare on steroids
Rubio's immigration reform is a ruse to the nth degree
Rubio's immigration legislation is Obamacare on steroids
Rubio's immigration reform is a ruse to the nth degree
Obama: unfit for duty
Time for impeachment
Zimmerman case: a mock trial in a kangaroo court
Blind Justice
Zimmerman case: a mock trial in a kangaroo court
A tragedy within a tragedy
A presidency on the edge
A presidency on the edge
Rush Limbaugh: out of touch with the mainstream
Should Rush Retire
George Zimmerman's Pyrrhic Victory
A tragedy within a tragedy
Save your life: stay out of Baltimore
Baltimore City is mired in criminality both in and outside the government. Violence over the Memorial Day weekend hit record levels for this holiday. With nine dead and more...
Syria: wrong war, wrong time, wrong president
Syria: wrong war, wrong time, wrong president
America: a historical tour without revision
Dinesh D'Souza hit another homerun with his new political documentary America. Within the solitude of an empty theater I watched D'Souza's presentation as he knocked down the...
Democrats on the run
Maryland is an excellent laboratory to visualize the methodologies of the progressives. Race to become governor has started and is especially ugly within the group of Democrats...
Ebola versus ISIS: which is more threatening
America, in the recent past, has been defined by a series of crises and scandals so profound our very existence has been placed at risk. ISIS, a barbaric Muslim group, seeks to...
Young blood: the answer to lifespan extension
New life in older bodies may be possible in the near future. Reversal of aging is no longer the realm of science fiction. Institutions across the globe are researching ways to...
Twilight of a failing presidency
Irony has a way of working itself into the fabric of history. Electing Barack Obama in 2008 was celebrated as a transitional point for American culture. Hope and change were...
Cultural denigration in America
American culture has been under radical assault for the last five years. Certain ideologies and beliefs, once the norm, became an anathema to those who hated America's...
Impeachment: Political Theater or Moral Imperative
Constitutional crises are extremely rare. When one arises the entire nation becomes embroiled in the substance of the problem as it moves through its various machinations. Two...
Obamacare: a legacy unraveling
While the majority of the population slept our misdirected government engineered major changes to their legacy legislative effort, Obamacare. Most startling of the alterations,...
Desperation on the southern border
Swarms of children have been pouring across America's southern border this year. Estimates that 80,000 children will cross may be a conservative number. Destinations of origin...
What is wrong with Maryland
Perhaps the title should be rephrased to what is right about Maryland. Nearly six million people inhabit the Free State as it was nicknamed after slavery was outlawed in 1864....
Syria: America's next mistake
Syria: America's next mistake

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