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Marisa-Jane Dipre


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Digital Copywriting

Jamaican Holiday Itinerary
Quintessentially Travel

An example of one of the itineraries that I rewrote for Quintessentially Travel during their rebranding. They asked for an editorial article with a storytelling feel.

Treasure Trek
Shenanigans Children's Parties Website

A treasure trove lies hidden in a secret cove waiting for someone to find it and this is your chance! Get your friends together for a brilliant adventure as you embark on a journey, solving clues, uncovering mysteries and following the map on which X marks the spot.

Nutty Professor
Shenanigans Children's Parties Website

POP, CRACK, BOOM! Grab your lab coats and safety goggles, kids! The Nutty Professor has come to visit your party and he is getting slime everywhere! Join the professor as he concocts potions, lotions and performs slightly nutty experiments right before your very eyes. With our brilliant scientists and laboratory experts on hand to bring a world of excellent experiments and cheeky chemistry to life, you’ll be blown away. Eureka!

Quintessentially Blog

Quintessentially Weddings Blog
A Quintessentially Royal Occasion - Quintessentially Weddings Blog

Bunting, balloons and royal wedding bells are set to line the streets of the United Kingdom on Saturday 19th May 2018. With an electric atmosphere of patriotism coursing through the veins of the country, the occasion will see the long-awaited marriage of Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle in the stunning setting of St George's ...

Quintessentially Weddings Blog
QView: A Spotlight on Borgo Egnazia - Quintessentially Weddings Blog

Nestled in the vast green fields of Puglia and a stunning celebration of Southern Italy's farming traditions, Borgo Egnazia is one of Quintessentially's top wedding destinations for 2018. Both relaxing and romantic, this hotel carries the rural charm of Puglian masserie (farmhouses) whilst retaining the unparalleled luxury of Europe's finest establishments, making it the perfect ...

Quintessentially Events
Event Trends of 2018 - Quintessentially Events

The subject of sustainability is becoming ever more prevalent in society and will begin to take greater effect on events this year. The aim to remain as eco-friendly as possible is shaping the way in which event planners work with clients to dress their productions.

Quintessentially Events
A Growing Trend: How to Use Plants in Your Event Space - Quintessentially Events

It may be common knowledge that a simple green leaf can brighten-up even the dingiest of corners, but plants also serve a multitude of other functions where event spaces are concerned. At Quintessentially, our Events Team is well versed in the transformative powers of foliage, flora and fauna and today's post will show you how you could use the magic of a dash of greenery.

Quintessentially Weddings Blog
Wedding Cake Trends 2019 - Quintessentially Weddings Blog

Cascading towers of sugar flowers, sponges saturated with lemon syrup and beautiful buttercreams spread across three tiers of glorious baked-joy. Your wedding cake will act as the centrepiece of your big day and so you will want to choose one with the wow-factor.

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