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Lawmakers give support to parents with disabilities

Parents with intellectual and developmental disabilities lose custody of their children at disproportionately high rates. Legislation will now extend services to help these families stay together. Both chambers unanimously passed House Bill 2616, which will provide more support to parents with disabilities who are at risk of losing their kids.

Invasive species threaten Washington's waterways

They are small creatures that come from far away. And the damage they do can be intense. Zebra mussels are an invasive species that multiply quickly, deplete water nutrients, clog pipes and take away natural resources from native species. Originally from Russia, they have spread through the Great Lakes in Michigan and Canada.

Drone bill attempts to address privacy concerns

As drones get smaller, cheaper and more advanced, lawmakers are talking about putting restrictions on the use of the unmanned aircrafts by local police and other public agencies. Senate Bill 6172 would require police to get search warrants for drone surveillance.

Bill proposes support for parents with developmental disabilities

For Brittany Graves, autism is just a part of her identity. She is also a fiancé, daughter and friend. One day, she hopes to be a mother. "I just might need a little more help," said Graves, during Thursday's Senate Human Services and Corrections hearing in support of a bill that would provide help to parents with developmental and intellectual disabilities who are at risk of losing their kids.

A history of the Fish Wars: 40th anniversary of the Boldt decision

From arrests to apologies, the passionate battle between Native American tribes and the state of Washington over fishing rights has been intense and lengthy. Exactly four decades after the Supreme Court court affirmed treaty fishing rights for tribes, Indians who fought for their rights to fish in Washington's waterways might finally get closure.

Redeeming Soles gives hope to homeless through shoes

"It's not about the shoes," said Scott Sowle, founder of shoe-giving nonprofit Redeeming Soles. "It's about showing people love, hope and care." At 53, Sowle spends his days sorting, cleaning, repairing and giving footwear to those in need. It's a 40- to 60-hour weekly process that is fueled by generosity from donators and volunteers.

The 'Sparkles' are lighting up EWHS - My Edmonds News

"We love Sparkles! We love Sparkles!" the crowd cheered at last week's homecoming rally at Edmonds-Woodway High School. The E-W school gymnasium roared with chants throughout the rally, but it wasn't until the "Sparkles" performed that the entire student body joined as one.

Gayest City In America Still Not Easy for LGBTQ Youth

At 13, barely a teenager, Brooklyn Gayle felt more accepted on the streets than in her home. When she opened up to her foster parents that she was a lesbian they responded with a phone call to her caseworker. Turns out, they didn't want a gay person living under their roof.

Holy Humpbacks! Whales Come Close to Swallowing Scuba Divers

Gulp! It started as a way to kill time before their next dive at Souza Rock, off the California Coast, and quickly turned into a near-death experience. In this epic home video, two massive humpback whales burst out of the water unbelievably close to two scuba divers, identified as Shawn Stamback and Francis Antigua.

Makeover! India's Law Ending Animal Tests for Cosmetics Takes Effect

Lipstick and mascara will no longer contribute to animal injustice in India. After a unanimous vote by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) on June 28, the minutes of that meeting have been approved and the law has gone into effect, meaning makeup manufacturers now have to remove animals from every stage of product development.

School's Out for Summer, but Where Will the Kids Eat?

Summer is supposed to be every kid's favorite time of year. School is out, the sun is shining, and it's the perfect time to kick back and have fun. However, for too many children these vacation months are often punctuated by stomach growls and hunger pangs.