Mariela González

Periodista freelance, social media manager, escritora. Especialista en videojuegos, tecnología y literatura.


Interview to Steve Jackson: "Be constantly aware that the process of creating games is a...
Under the friendly face of Steve Jackson, an unmistakably English gentleman usually seen in photos with a smile from ear to ear, there is a man that has given countless children...


Presskit para Jemchicomac, empresa de juegos móviles
Nota de prensa - Blue Rider (español)
Nota de prensa para el lanzamiento del juego argentino Blue Rider.
Press release - Blue Rider
Córdoba, Argentina. February 22nd, 2016. - A horde of ferocious robots, commanded by Evil MasterMind, is causing havoc in planet Helmech. But there's still room for hope: a...

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