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Maria McNamara

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, Advocates

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Dr. Gordon Retirement Video

A compilation of Advocates employees saying goodbye to Dr Gordon. All video, with the exception of Dr Amit Granoit, was captured by me. All videos were edited and subtitles were added by me. Software used: Adobe Premiere, iPhone

Advocates, Inc.

A majority of the social media posts between November 2017 and now (with the exception of the automatic job postings) are created by me and published through SmarterQueue.

Continuing our family caregiver support in 2019

We are committed to partnering with family caregivers in doing all that we can to support you, reduce your stress, and help provide opportunities for your loved ones with disabilities. You are heroic in caring for your loved ones with limited resources. Over many years, strides have been made in improving support, but the need is still great.

Recognizing Family Caregivers | Advocates

In honor of National Caregiver Appreciation Month, Advocates hosts a contest to support family caregivers. A family caregiver can be nominated by a friend, colleague, or family member to receive a special relaxation package that includes a restaurant, spa, and Visa gift cards.

32 families receive money through the 2018 Fred Gaspari Fund | Advocates

In 2018, Advocates received 107 applications - 30% more than in 2017 - from parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members caring for loved ones dealing with trauma, disabilities, illnesses, and more. Though available funds are limited, 33 of the 107 families received small grants this year, totaling more than $7,600.

Sarah Abbott Presents Research about Jail Diversion Program | Advocates

Advocates' Jail Diversion program director Dr. Sarah Abbott participated in a panel about police-based programs to reduce community harm. Abbott, who has conducted extensive research on the topic, was joined on the panel by Shea Cronin and Danielle Rousseau, both of Boston University.

Noah's Ark Carries More than Animals | Advocates

The Noah's Ark Foundation is run by the Zack family, whose two adult children, Noah and Perry, have physical and developmental disabilities, and live in a residential program at Advocates. With grants from the Noah's Ark Foundation, dozens of adults from Advocates programs and the greater community have enjoyed recreational activities that might otherwise be unavailable to them.

Kite-ness was in the air: Kite Day 2018 | Advocates

On Saturday, April 28, the Autism Alliance, a program of Advocates, capped off Autism Awareness Month with "Random Acts of Kite-ness" during their annual sensory-friendly Kite Day. Coincidentally, the event landed on the unofficial holiday to celebrate spreading kindness across the globe: "Pay It Forward Day."

Sportspiracies Podcast

College of Saint Rose

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In La Cocina with Maria: The Basics

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Rose Record Label to Hold Compilation Release Party

By MARIA MCNAMARA Contributing Writer One year ago, Saint Rose's student-run record label, Rose Record Label Group, was preparing its first big event scheduled for Valentine's Day weekend: the public launch of the label. The 2015 event was a huge success.