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Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers.
Law Student. Nutritional Anthropologist. Educator. Passion pursuer.

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South Florida

tropic - TM_Summer17_eMag

"Forgetting heating up your house with the stove tonight and get outside with the grill! But don't go at it alone. Here are four friends you can bring to the party."

Tropic Magazine
Awe-Tumn Wines

While holiday meals tend to be traditional, comforting standbys, we looked for something surprising to enjoy as a pairing partner

Tropic Magazine
Pretty Princess Pinot (Noir)

She is a sassy little diva: difficult to grow well, thin skinned and susceptible, needs a lot of attention and humbles even the most talented winemakers

Tropic Magazine
Bordeaux Style Reds for under $50

It's Big Red season! With temperatures int he 80's, one can't help but feel inspired to break out some richer, heavier flavors.

Navigator Magazine, Northrop and Johnson
Summer Sips

"As sunny spring and summer rays heat the day, warm breezes envelop the sundeck and the salty ocean spray sifts over the bow, what will be in your glass?"

Tropic Magazine
California, Here We Come

"There is a brigade of winemakers who believe California can offer the same engaging, multi-dimensional terroir expression as the Old World. They are veering from the local norms by searching out heritage vineyards, using native yeasts, no flavor additives, enzymes or amino acids..."

Tropic Magazine
Cooking with Wine

If you like to sip on something while you're creating your culinary masterpiece, or if you want some ideas for what you serve guests while you add the finishing touches

Tropic Magazine
Chile in February

As vines prepare to wake up here in the Northern Hemisphere, South American prepares for harvest- Perfect time to clear a little space on the wine rack and imagine new possibilities.

Tropic Magazine
Rosé Every Day

Where in the Northern Hemisphere is it acceptable to drink rosé in January? Well, everywhere, really. Rosé can be a great food pairing for everything from seafood to petite filet.

Tropic Magazine
Sparkling Wines for the Holidays

There are so many good reasons to drink sparkling wine: it's celebratory, from the pop of the cork to the shape of the flute- those tiny bubbles make us warm all over.

Tropic Magazine
Hot Off the Press Wines

It is an exciting time of much celebration, revelry and a little German and Czech roulette.

Tropic Magazine
4 Wines for Summer

Summer is one my favorite seasons for wine because you have the excuse to play with new and light concepts that simply aren’t acceptable for other seasons, like white shoes after Labor Day.

Tropic Magazine
3 Wines for Spring

Fun little fact: Germany is the largest consumer of sparkling wines in the world. They are called Sekt (sadly, you do not add an "s" at the end to make it plural). Most stay in country, but South Florida is lucky to have access to this pretty little gem by renowned producer Dr. Loosen.

Fort Lauderdale Magazine
Eduardo de San Angel

Eduardo de San Angel has been a culinary landmark in Fort Lauderdale for twenty-one years and is still one of the top-rated restaurants in the city. FLMag: How did you decide to open Eduardo de San Angel? EDUARDO PRIA: When the day came, it was not about being ready with the money because I didn't even have it. But my heart was ready.

Austin, Texas

The Place to Taste

"The cider and the banter is always free-flowing and often of unrivaled quality. They're really magical, timeless, crazy places," explains Austin Eastciders owner Ed Gibson when I ask him about English cider farms. Beyond the liquid in the bottle and glass, tasting rooms are the physical representation of a beverage's personality.

They'll Knock Your Sakes Off

Craft cocktails, craft beer, craft ciders, an explosion of wine offerings from many corners of the globe: Is it just me, or are Amer­icans becoming more curious about their alcohol? More recently, this curiosity is extending to sake, a fermented rice beverage from Japan, sometimes called rice wine.

Ten of Austin's Top Sommeliers

As we wind down our Drink, Drank, Drunk issue and as winds down its run at the Violet Crown Theater, we spoke to 10 trendsetters and tastemakers in the Austin wine scene. Our focus is on members of The Court of Master Sommeliers.

Talking Wine With Jason Wise and Dustin Wilson of 'Somm'

Around 200 people have passed the Master Sommelier exam since its inception in 1969. Less than 135 North Americans have achieved the diploma and only 10% of those who try will ever succeed. To become a Master Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers examinations is touted to be one of the most difficult achievements on the planet.

Drink Ribera. Drink Spain.

In the summer of 2000, a young wine lover set his mind to work at a winery in Spain. Upon arrival in the country, he sent a letter to all 21 wineries in Priorat DOCa saying he was searching for a job.

Margaret Shugart

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Hill Country Bike and Wine Tour

We traded the sound of cars for the songs of birds as we veered left off the highway. The road was ours, and all its sights and smells were at our fingertips. Even in mid-June, the wildflowers were still bright and welcoming, red and yellow paintbrushes forming a carpet by our pedals, purple thistle taller than our bikes.

Margaret Shugart

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Collect the Whole Set - Lifestyle of Comanche Trace and the Texas Hill Country

Do you need to restock you wine glass selection? October, Texas Wine Month is the perfect time to do so. In its fourteenth year, Texas Wine Month is bigger than ever featuring festivals, concerts, food pairings, cooking demonstrations, 5K races, grape stomp competitions, art shows, fundraising events, and of course, plenty of wine tastings in beautiful locations across the state.

Business and Blogs

Eten Wine

Certified Sommelier/ Wine Buyer Margaret is a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers, food and beverage writer, educator and a long-time high-end service professional. She holds an MA in Nutritional Anthropology from the University of Colorado in Boulder, studying anthro-agriculture under one of the foremost professors in the field.

The Wine Roads of Texas

There is a new cordon of the Texas wine country developing in the northern Hill Country, based around the tiny town of Pontotoc. Over ten years ago, Carl Money bought the 1800's buildings in downtown Pontotoc, as well as an old German farmhouse behind the strip.

Distilling Texas

Part of their innovative Small Caliber series, RimFire is designed after smoked scotch-style Islay Malt whiskeys like Caol Ila, and after their own Mesquite Smoked Porter. As a "brewstillery," exploring the overlap of beer and whiskey (essentially distilled beer), they saw the success of their porter and took it a step further, distilling the lightly smoked mash (sans hops), then aging it in toasted barrels.

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