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Spencer Fleury

Geographer, mapmaker, writer

Location icon United States

Ph.D. in geography. Skilled in GIS, cartography, spatial statistics and data visualization. Writes about place, among many other things.

Mapping business data
Atlanta Regional Sales Map

This is an anonymized version of a map I created for a client, intended to measure certain charateristics of the Atlanta market relevant to one of their products. At the client's request, I have changed the key and some of the labels on this map, in order to prevent the disclosure of potentially proprietary business information.

Fake transit maps
Hypothetical Tampa Bay Rail Transit Map

The Tampa Bay region is home to 2 to 3 million people, yet it has no rail transit options whatsoever. This map imagines what a functional rail system might look like there.

Socioeconomic analysis
Lealman, FL

This is one of a series of web-based maps I produced for a socioeconomic study of Lealman, FL, for a faculty member at the University of South Florida.

Mapping human-environment interaction
Home Values and Sinkhole Location in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is a hot-spot for sinkhole formation. Do local home values adequately capture the potential cost of sinkhole damage? This map was part of a research project intended to answer that question; it was published in "Florida Geographer" in 2007.

Interactive mapping wiith Javascript
Florida Sinkhole Map, 1964-2012

This interactive map shows the locations of all sinkholes reported to the Florida DEP between 1964 and 2012. The animation shows the formation of these sinkholes chronologically.

Interactive mapping wiith Javascript
Iowa River Recreation Map

The client was a non-profit organization whose mission was to promote Iowa's rivers and waterways for recreational purposes. I used Raphael.js instead of D3.js for this project, and in the process figured out how to bind data to objects in Raphael, which is not something that library is designed for.

Interactive mapping wiith Javascript
Linguistic Isolation in New Bedford, MA

This map plots the relationship between concentrations of foreign-born residents and linguistic isolation in the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts. The percentage of foreign-born residents in each Census tract is reflected in the tract's fill color. Each tract's outline color will change when you mouse over it; the color represents the percentage of foreign-born residents who speak English "not well" or "not at all".

Non-map-related data visualizations

Data visualization
The relationship between declining population and rising homicide rates

It's conventional wisdom that Detroit's high crime rates were what drove the city's rapid "white flight" in the 1960s and 1970s. But is that true? Which came first - falling population or rising crime rates? And how did this play out for other American cities?

Data visualization
Histogram of population density changes in Detroit, MI (1970-2010)

This chart plots population density change in the Detroit metro area in a non-geospatial way. It can be hard to fully grasp just how many Census tracts lost significant amounts of people when you're reading a map that covers such a large area.