Malini Saba

Chair of Saba Industries Group of Companies

Location icon United States of America

A self-made businesswoman of South Asian descent, Malini Saba holds a bachelor of arts in psychology. Malini Saba embarked on her investment career in the early 1990s and found success in the real estate and commodity sectors. She has always believed that the agriculture market was very much the step child and it is a gold mine not many have set their eyes on yet.

Ms. Saba has chaired the Saba Group for over 25 years. Her accomplishments with Saba include managing profit and loss margins for combined business divisions that exceeded $400 million in total revenue, as well as driving return-on-sales to a height of 12 percent.

Malini Saba is also a dedicated philanthropist with a lifelong concern for underserved women and children around the world. Over the years, she has made significant financial contributions to organizations that range from the global anti-poverty nonprofit Netaid to the NCI-designated clinical facilities around the world.


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