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Maggie Morgan

Copywriter and Content Creator

Location icon United States

Hello! I'm Maggie--a Creative Content Developer and Copywriter living in Upstate New York. I am utterly obsessed with words and the power they hold when strung together in a meaningful way. My brain is stuck in a loop of quotes, rhymes, and headlines- making it hard to think of things from any other perspective.

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller and I am penning my own as we speak. From newspaper reporting to speech writing and branding, I have gotten a small bite of everything in the industry and it's only made me hungry for more. As Henry David Thoreau famously said, I am "writing while the heat is in me."

I started my professional career as a print journalist for a local newspaper. I knew my words would begin to tell the stories of people and places from my community, breathing new life into ordinary things that we might otherwise just pass by. I found many parts of myself through this position, but most importantly I found that I am drawn to giving a voice to the human condition.

After reporting, I found myself as Communications Director for a company consisting of 8 separate business divisions, a company who had never had a Communications Department. I was the balance between C.E.O, his 60+ employees, and the outside world, planning events and writing speeches in my head as it hit the pillow every night. I enjoyed the task of editing a message and preparing it for public consumption, making sure every meticulous detail was part of a purposefully developed, professional brand.

Following that stepping stone, I accepted a position as a Creative Content Director at a skin care company which has coupled my affinity for story telling with my drive to build a brand. I’ve learned that method-acting, an unorthodox creative process, and going with your wildest idea can often be a recipe for a ground-breaking advertisement.

My diverse experience coupled with my innate urge to create has made me a well-rounded communications professional. When they're used the right way, I believe that words are the most powerful thing in the world; they can start a revolution, stop a war, change perspective, sell an idea, or save someone's life.



Sun Community News & Printing
Upper Falls Improvement Committee seeks funding for La Chute River project

Albert Powvorznik, President of the Upper Falls Improvement Committee, has lived in Ticonderoga his entire life. The 77-year-old man wants the town to be as beautiful and as busy as possible, which he thinks can happen with a few changes, starting with the removal of the "B-Mill Dam."

Sun Community News & Printing
Adirondack Shakespeare Company Begins Fall Tour

The Adirondack Shakespeare company may be small, they may be young, but as Shakespeare writes in A Midsummer Night's Dream, "Though she be but little, she is fierce!" This fully-professional acting company celebrates their fifth season this year and is bringing back a fall tour for the second year in a row.

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Know Before You Go: Saratoga's Style Guide for The Ultimate Summer Wardrobe

Flower children, gypsy queens, festie-heads, and bohemian goddesses have joined forces to create the foundation for this year's summer trends. Think lace, burn out tees, thrift-inspired frocks, destroyed denim, mix-match patterns, headbands galore, silky bell bottoms,and fringe- put it all together and what do you get? The cool-girls closet for Summer 2014.


Things are continually moving in the direction of going completely online to the point where almost everything is available at the click of a link. Even though we have all become accustomed to using technology as a main form of communication, especially for business practices, there are still aspects of the social media realm that are evolving.

Christmas Invite Design

A previous client who I had done some business cards for asked me to pen a poem and create an invitation for her annual "13th Day of Christmas Party".

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