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Maggie Morgan

Copywriter and Content Creator

Location icon United States

Hi! I'm Maggie, a Creative Content Developer living in Upstate New York. I've always wanted to be a storyteller of sorts, whether that began with copying the lifestyle of Harriet the Spy or Cameron Crowe I cannot remember, but I've found a purpose in helping individuals and businesses find their voice through artistic branding and ghostwriting.

I am utterly obsessed with words and the power they hold when strung together in a meaningful way. I am mesmerized by the way an authentic creative vision can launch a brand into the wide open arms of its intended audience. My brain is stuck in a loop of quotes, rhymes, and headlines--making it hard to think of things from any other perspective, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I've meandered through the communications industry for the past 7 years, stopping along the way to take in everything the landscape has to offer. I've been a reporter and an editor, a communications director, a public relations manager, and a freelance writer. This unorthodox path has helped me understand content from every angle and has allowed me to see the holes we often leave before delivering it to audiences.

I revel in the challenge of understanding a brand from the inside out, creating a narrative that can move audiences to take action, then sharing that progress with the masses. An authentic and carefully executed piece of content, whatever form that may come in, opens up a genuine,useful dialogue between the messenger and its receiver (B2B, B2C, You to Me--doesn't matter, it's all the same).

I strive to evolve as the industry has, never becoming stagnant but rather aiming to be as fluid as possible. I am dedicated to bettering myself as a professional and am currently a graduate student at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications where my love for this industry and my knowledge of the digital landscape has grown in ways I never expected. Words and messaging now intersect with the world of analytics and data--it's an incredible time to be a storyteller.

Print journalism taught me new ways to give a voice to the human condition. Heading a communications department was a crash course in purposeful, strategic branding and crisis management. As a PR and Marketing Director, I learned that method-acting, an unorthodox creative process, and going with your wildest idea can often be a recipe for a ground-breaking advertisement.

My innate urge to create, my overactive imagination and my attention to detail have made it impossible to pursue any other path. For as long as I can manage, or until my fingers stop working, I want to help people find their voice, their brand, and their own little piece of magic. When they're used the right way, I believe that words are the most powerful thing in the world; they can start a revolution, stop a war, change perspective, sell an idea, or even save a life.

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