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Assign Order to Customer Magento Extension

To assign order that was placed as guest to any customer. To assign any order from one customer to another customer. To assign multiple orders to any customer using mass action. To see history of assigned orders. To rollback the assignment of orders. Ability of overwrite customer name while assigning order to customer. Ability of send email to customer while assigning order to customer. Support magento version 1.6.x and later

Convert Guest Checkout Customers to Registered Customers

You can convert guest checkout customers to general,wholesale or any customer group of your choice. You can view all list of guest checkout customers and also view customer details from grid. Adds the ability to convert guest order to customer account at time of checkout. You can enable/disable this option via admin. You can also add button on success page for users to optionally convert to an account if they want after checkout is complete. Customer is e-mailed with the stores...

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