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It's going to be a messy, messy world

As parents and educators, what can we do to help our children thrive? Mr Ho Kwon Ping, Chairman of Singapore Management University and Banyan Tree Holdings, shares his insights. "By the time a student graduates, half of the jobs that exist today will not even exist anymore.

5 Questions To Encourage Your Child To Ask in Class

As parents, how can you help your child be engaged in their learning in school? We hope you and your child have been talking. But what if he tells you he doesn't know what to ask the teacher when the subject is a tough one?

Top 5 Questions Teachers Wish Parents Would Ask Them

Don't just ask about your child's grades because the report cards can tell you that. Find out how he's coping emotionally too. As a parent, what are some questions you'll ask in your conversations with the teacher? Are they: Is my child coping well in his studies? Does he need extra help?

The Sound of Music

A lack of formal music background didn't deter Tan Ou Wen from learning to play the piano by ear and performing at his school's lunchtime concerts.

Fake or real?

How can we help our children stay vigilant against fake news? By teaching them to spot it...

"How Many Times Can I Fail Before I'm Considered a Failure?"

Sher-li Torrey, a career coach by training and a mother of two, shares her views on failing. She says parents should allow their kids to take risks and let them experience setbacks early in life. The fear of failure is something that Sher-li Torrey often encounters in her conversations with students.

Peek into the 21st Century Classroom

Ever wondered what teaching methods such as "blended learning" and "gallery walk" really mean? We explain what they are all about and how they benefit our students' learning. Think the classroom is a boring place? Think again. Teachers tap into many creative teaching methods to make their lessons engaging and to encourage students to think critically and creatively.

Need someone to fix your broken fan?

Secondary 4 students Saranesan s/o Vsaravanan and Mohammad Dini Syazwan became handymen for a day last year at Repair Kopitiam, a community project where volunteers fix things for free to combat the throw-away culture.

Taking Her Shot - Story

After two years of cheering on her team from the sidelines, Secondary Three student Adalia Yeo is finally representing her school in the netball championships.

Race to the Finish - Story

Cross-country runner Aeron Young is so passionate about his sport that even an Achilles tendon injury didn't stop him from getting back into the game.

One Pitch at a Time - Story

Pint-sized captain of the softball team Andrea Lim proves she's a natural leader on the field who's not afraid to "throw like a girl" - especially when she's beating the boys.

Poised to Strike - Story

What started off as a fun family activity developed into a serious pursuit for 13-year-old Sarah bte Nahar Azmi, who's now focused on representing Singapore in bowling.

Mind Over Matter - Story

Rukhshana was full of self-doubt when she took up fencing. She soon learned that getting a grip on the mental side of the sport is as crucial as mastering the art of the attack.

True Grit - Story

Football ace Mohd Khaleil bin Kamarul didn't let a group of neighbourhood bullies stand in the way of his goal.

English Made Easy With Maths - Story

Using simple Maths equations to teach grammar not only helped Dr Lim Yi-En's students vastly improve their English scores - it earned her the Inspiring English Teacher Award.

An Unconventional Start - Story

On the strength of his perseverance and a few lucky breaks, Mr Ng Eng Kee turned his passion for music into a teaching career.

Never Stop Trying - Story

Mr Faizal Bohari's success at going the ITE route and obtaining his degree at age 38 is a reminder to his students that perseverance matters when it comes to pursuing a goal.

Keeping the Artistic Spirit Alive - Story

A firm believer in the idea that the best mentors for students are practising artists, Mr Zaki Zulfakar does double duty each day as both teacher and creator of art.
More Than Just a Game - Story

A group of basketball boys learns what it means to be a winning team thanks to their teacher, who values commitment and determination over bagging medals and trophies.
Artist at Play - Story

A firm believer in the idea that art is for everyone, Siglap Secondary School's Principal is practical when it comes to getting students interested in an art education.

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How to Captain a Mammoth Ship

Mr Lim Siong Guan helms one of the world's leading investment funds, the GIC, as its Group President. He shares about his journey steering this mammoth ship. Photo credit: OSU

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Lucky Numbers and Feng Shui

As the Chairman of Fraser and Neave Limited, Mr Lee Hsien Yang weighs each decision carefully. But he is aware that not all outcomes can be predictable by rationality. Photo credit: OSU

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Winning Against All Odds

Mr Choe Peng Sum, CEO of Frasers Hospitality believes that honesty, sincerity and care are what it takes to succeed in the competitive industry. Photo credit: OSU

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