Madeline Blasberg

Digital Marketing Strategist/ Content Marketer

As a skilled content marketer and digital strategist (MBA), I have over six years’ experience helping brands connect their digital dots – from content strategy and web management to social media outreach and influencer marketing.

United States of America




Up and down the Andes Mountain Range, a traditional hearty stew simmers for hours on the stove, filling kitchens with sweet and savory aromas. Locro is a South American twist on...


The Gaucho

The Argentine gaucho is a cultural symbol and a great deal more than your run-of-the-mill cowboy. As with most characters that straddle the line between history and folklore, it...

The Argentina Independent

Top 5 Places in Mendoza to Not Drink Wine

Over the years, Mendoza's cup has runneth over with wine bars, restaurants touting extravagant wine cellars, and caravans of tours through the various wine regions. But what...

Experience Mendoza

Argentine Alfajores

Not quite a cake, not quite a biscuit, and a little bit more than a cookie sandwich, the Alfajor (Alpha-Hor) is a traditional argentine sweet and the perfect vehicle for dulce...