Madeline Blasberg

Digital Marketing Strategist/ Content Marketer

As a skilled content marketer and digital strategist (MBA), I have over six years’ experience helping brands connect their digital dots – from content strategy and web management to social media outreach and influencer marketing.

United States of America



4 Tips for Providing Negative Feedback

Nothing sucks the joy out of the room faster than the mention of a performance review: employees get squeamish and managers dread the negative feedback they know they must...

The Huffington Post

5 Rules for Flawless Media Love

Have you ever had this feeling? You're scrolling through a news site and you see one of your competitors being profiled and you think to yourself, "Why are they in the media and...

eBooks & Ghostwriting Excerpts

ADAPT Programs

Why Your Brain is Trying to Kill You

Addiction takes away the ability to choose but it does not take away the possibilty of change. ADAPT Programs is a leader in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. We...

Travel FREE Guidebook Series

The Travel FREE Guide to Italy

With so much to see, experience (and eat) in Italy, it’s easy to spend a small fortune Italy and return home with a full belly, but an empty wallet. Yet it doesn’t have to be...

Love Your Biz with Leah Aharoni

Business According to Moses

Based on three millennia of Jewish wisdom and the latest in marketing research, this complete guide to building a business will show to develop a can-do positive mindset and...

Miscellaneous Marketing Collateral

University of Missouri System

Brochure: Saturday Morning Science

Hope Chest for Breast Cancer

Press Release: Bargain Bazaar

Wine Journalism

The Huffington Post

How The Moon Affects Wine

It tugs at the tide, boosts plant growth, and helps put us to sleep, but can it really influence the way we taste wine? For centuries, mystics have turned to the moon to guide...


Adventurist’s Guide to Argentina Wine Country (Part 1)

Mendoza is the most important wine region in Argentina, responsible for producing nearly 80% of the country´s grapes and home to nearly 395,000 acres of vineyards. The city...

Wine Folly

Adventurist's Guide to Argentina Wine Country (Part 2)

Traveling is fun. What better way to travel than through the lens of wine? There are 34 major countries in the world producing wine; vineyards can even be found in places like...

Plum Deluxe

Ménage á Trois: Chocolate and Wine Pairing with a Twist

There are some who swear that nothing is more luxurious than letting a bit of chocolate melt on the tongue only to be swished away with a swig of wine. But sadly, not everyone...

Menuism Dining Blog

Terroir Talk: Tasting the Earth in Your Wine

In wine jargon, terroir is a term that is trending amongst oenophiles and befuddling wine novices. Though the frilly French pronunciation (ter- wahr) may scare you off, it's...

The Huffington Post

How To Taste Sparkling Wine Like A Pro

Sparkling wine has long been associated with several things: wealth, celebration, and, perhaps... a little bit of bad behavior. But when it comes to learning how to taste wine...

Travel, Food, & Culture Journalism

Swirling Mendoza

Mendoza´s Flying Chef: Meet Pablo Ranea

After working in some of Mendoza´s finest restaurants, including La Bourgogne and Azafrán, Pablo Ranea has a new project: Pirca Food & Wine, a pop-up, closed-door, traveling...

Wine Republic

These Boots were Made for Hiking

You cannot conquer Aconcagua on a day trip, so Madeline Blasberg sets off from the lofty Ayelen hotel to reach her own summit. Merely sitting next to Luciano felt like the only...